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Laser Beamz


Is that laser wearing a monocle?

Let it be known, the Empire is not welcomed on Earth and the US Navy is prepared to defend it. Late last week the Navy successfully tested a laser. I’m not talking about the pointing kind, folks. I’m talking about an honest to goodness, or potentially badness, gun kind.

Badass scientists used a high-energy laser (HAL) to set the engines of a target test-ship on fire. This marks the first time anyone has done so on a moving vessel at sea. Blasting the laser through the moist air proved difficult in the past. Yet, in typical American fashion we said, “Nuh-uh. Ain’t no stupid humidity gonna stop me from blowing shit up.”

Way to go, America. Let’s not get carried away and make the Death Star now.

via US Navy and BBC News

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