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L.A. in a Snow Globe

As part of my personal “Sucker for Time-Lapse Video” series, here’s a video by Colin Mika and Brandon Vedder at All Cut Up Films that puts time-lapse images of Los Angeles in a snow globe, using 4,000 stills and a homemade tilt-shift lens (the “globe” is actually a water-filled light bulb), plus paper cut-outs to get shaped bokeh effects like trees, stars, snowflakes, and hearts in the background.

Christmastime doesn’t carry with it the same seasonal look here that it does in colder climates — snow is relegated to the tops of mountains, the weather is just a wee bit chillier than usual, and people just slap lights onto palm trees and light poles — but this video even makes traffic on the 110 freeway look somehow Christmassy, if that’s a word. And here I thought the best representation of Christmas in Southern California was the fruitcake display at Ralphs. They’re on sale this week, you know.

HT: Daily What, Petapixel