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Kurt Sutter Confirms SONS OF ANARCHY Video Game

Kurt Sutter Confirms SONS OF ANARCHY Video Game

The Sons Of Anarchy will be taking to the roads of the video game world, according to show creator, Kurt Sutter, who recently tweeted that “there will definitely be an SOA game.” Of course, he couldn’t give us any details, but his enthusiasm about the mere existence of the title is enough to make you wonder what he’s got up his leather jacket sleeves.


When many people responded questioning what genre the Sons Of Anarchy game would fall under, Sutter elaborated on the matter by tweeting the following:


We originally heard inklings about there being a Sons Of Anarchy game back in February of 2012, as it was planned to be a browser based title, before transforming into a full console experience later on. The comparisons between SAMCRO and The Lost have already begun. Who do you think would win in an all out war between the two cycle gangs?


  1. Larry says:

    F’n A Cotton… F’n A