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Kurt Braunohler to Jet Ski The Mississippi River for Charity

Kurt Braunohler to Jet Ski The Mississippi River for Charity

Over here at Nerdist, you’re probably well acquainted with the wonderful antics of comedian Kurt Braunohler. He has his hijinks filled podcast K Ohle where guests and himself have been known to go to a mysterious place and try to figure out how to get back home. Kurt’s also done plenty of notable public acts of absurdity on his own by rewriting the messages in greeting cards and having a sky writer write, “HOW DO I LAND?”.

With all of this in mind, you will be excited to learn that Kurt is now preparing to jet ski from Chicago, Il to New Orleans, LA in order to raise enough money to send 500 goats and 1000 chickens to African families in need via Heifer International. Don’t try to work out the math in your head of how jet skiing equates to charity, but just know that Braunohler will make it work.

His personal mission in comedy and, really, in life, is to make the world a better place through random acts of absurdity and stupidity. Luckily, Kurt will get to enact that mission statement however he sees fit in his upcoming CC:Studios web series Roustabout. You’ll see Braunohler jet skiing down the Mississippi River and getting into all sorts of high concept tomfoolery in this promo for the first part of Roustabout.

Kurt already has itinerary for all of this, sort of. On May 30th, he’ll start from Chicago’s Navy Pier and then, on June 5th, if everything goes according to plan, Kurt will arrive in New Orleans and do a celebratory show at One Eyed Jack’s. There is an Indiegogo campaign where you can and should support this wondrous thing. Donation prizes include goat name-dropping, a chicken Google Hangout, a catch phrase by request, and more, if the awesomeness of jet skiing for goats isn’t awesome enough for your donation. Braunohler is aiming for $50,000 for to send the goats and chickens to Africa. Then, any extra money (up to $100,000) raised will go to protecting and maintaining the Mississippi River. Any money over $100,00 will be split between the two charities.

If you’re still not convinced how great an act of this is, Braunohler is also planning, while on his jet ski journey, to give a recently released inmate his “first ride of freedom” on a jet ski.