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Kotobukiya Commander Shepard Statue Giveaway

Shepard regular
Kotobukiya make a huge selection of high-quality statues from your favorite comics, movie, and video game titles. They create pieces of art from both Marvel and DC, including Justice League and X-Men busts and statues. If you’re going to be at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend, you’ll get the opportunity to see what sort of new goodies the company is cooking up this year by attending their Spring Preview panel on Saturday the 30th from Noon-1:00pm in Room 207, and of course you can stop by their booth on the con floor.

You can also, if the fancy strikes you (and it will), enter our contest to win one of their newest creations: a Japanese-imported female Commander Shepard statue from the hit video game series Mass Effect for their Bishoujo line. Sculpted by Masahiro Takahashi, Commander Shepard stands 9 inches tall (1/7 scale) on a special display base. If you win, you can display her next to the previously released Liara T’soni bishoujo statue.

For a chance to win this awesome piece of Mass Effect memorabilia, just enter our contest, then head over to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages for even more chances to win. You only have until midnight on Tuesday, April 2nd, though, so dawdling really wouldn’t be advised. Is it ever? Hmmm.


  1. Brady Blankemeyer says:

    Paragon version I hope!