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The KONG: SKULL ISLAND Trailer is a Veritable Monsterpalooza

John C. Reilly knows it. Tom Hiddleston knows it. Brie Larson knows it, too: this ain’t just about big-ass gorillas anymore, y’all. It’s a veritable monsterpalooza happening right now on Skull Island.

On Wednesday evening, Jimmy Kimmel Live unveiled our first big-time look at (after a bunch of vague, Monarch-branded teasers) Kong: Skull Island. And based on this trailer alone, we’re in for so much more than that which we bargained. Is Skull Island our entryway into the long-discussed Legendary Pictures interconnected monster universe?

The gargantuan—and at-times moss covered (one of Kyle Hill’s favorite parts of the trailer given its scientific accuracy)—gorilla may be the king of Skull Island, but he’s hardly alone there. In addition to a colony of local natives and a seriously scene-stealing John C. Reilly, Kong seems to rule a whole host of big-ass creepy crawlies. From spiders to mega-yaks and underground ancient lizard monsters with arms and skull faces, we’re banking on a very big fight filled with very big scaries.


Psst: you can click the poster to make it full size!

Here’s a question, though: with that many scary monsters and that big of a hurricane churning around the island—how did no one find this mythical place until now? There’s no way that literal shit storm (By my and Kyle Hill’s deductions, the amount of poo a gorilla that size would make would poison the island’s soil, meaning he must be pooping into the sea, creating mega algae blooms that are keeping that big-ass hurricane surrounding the island. Hence, a LITERAL shit storm!) wasn’t all over every meteorological map of our oceans. Right? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE HERE, MONARCH?!


Needless to say we’re pretty pleased with how Kong: Skull Island is shaping up ahead of its March 10, 2017 release date. Are you? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Legendary Pictures

Here’s our breakdown of the first trailer from SDCC:

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