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Kneel Before General Zod with Patton Oswalt

As you may know, Nerdist recently released the first episode of animated versions of hilarious Superego podcast sketches last week. It started with “H.R. Giger at Home,” and today the web series continues with “General Zod.” When you break the rules, you get a court appointed lawyer, even all the way on Krypton. Patton Oswalt stars as Leg-El, Zod’s public defender, and Chris Tallman is none other than the incredibly egotistical general.

Since the Superego podcast’s mission statement is to observe megalomaniacal personality disorder, General Zod makes an ideal subject. He is the textbook definition of a difficult client who can’t think beyond what he wants, and what he wants is to kill Jor-El. Leg-El wants to enter an insanity plea to get Zod off the hook, but when he tries to coach the general and offer helpful advice, Zod pretends to sleep. You can tell this visit is the latest in a string of frustrating sessions. Heck, Leg-El can barely get Zod to promise from refraining saying these words to the courtroom: “Kneel before Zod.”

From the moment where Leg-El implores Zod to button his tunic all the way to his neck to the scene where Leg-El compliments Billy Crystal’s hair, it’s nonstop laughter. I imagine this a rather accurate depiction of what it would be like to represent General Zod. The audio by Dr. Jeremy Carter, Ph.D and Dr. Matt Gourley, Py.T. is great, and the art and animation by Brandon Mahlberg take it to the next level.

Jump to the comments and let us know your thoughts about “General Zod.”

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  1. Todd says:

    Well done.

    How much of this was scripted?  Was it word-for-word, or more of an outline with checkpoints?

    I ask because the two voice performances were so good – smooth and natural – that if this was 100% scripted…

    …it’s even more impressive!

    Kneel before,