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Episode 32: Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style
Casey Wilson
Kickin' It Mary Lynn StyleKickin' It Mary Lynn Style

Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #32: Casey Wilson

Mary Lynn Rajskub is joined by comedian, writer actresses: Casey Wilson (Happy Endings, Bride Wars, and Ass Backwards) and Eliza Skinner (Fashion Police, Totally Biased). They talk about their personal experiences being ladies in Hollywood and life in general when you’re a lady… Listen in!

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  1. polisciguy29 says:

    Speaking of kicking it, has Mary-Lynn kicked it? It’s been over two weeks. 

  2. MelissaH says:

    Great interview, but could barely hear Mary Lynn. Sit closer to the mic girl!

  3. Scott B. says:

    So interesting to hear just going through the audition procsss in L.A. can occasionally cause bouts of insecurity. I do think that because of the nature of the business in that city, there is a disproportional amount of “Beautiful People,” all trying for a limited amount of roles. Add the value placed on appearance plus sensitive artists being sensitive, and it can make anyone crazy!

  4. Kray Kray says:

    I want to be best friends with Casey Wilson. I just listened to her JV Club recently interview too, shes great.

  5. Ryan says:

    Ha, great introduction – Casey is indeed hotsauce. Everyone cool is sad about Happy Endings ending(s).

  6. Fhus says:

    Shes awesome. Still super sad about Happy Endings being over.