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Episode 31: Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style
Thomas Middleditch
Kickin' It Mary Lynn StyleKickin' It Mary Lynn Style

Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #31: Thomas Middleditch

Mary Lynn Rajskub is joined by Eliza Skinner (stand up, fashion police writer) and Thomas Middleditch (comic, movie star). Thomas explains why he has recently spent a lot of time naked in front of other people and Mary Lynn forces Eliza to do a rap on cue. They also listen and briefly talk about the Elton John video “I’m Still Standing” from 1983. Eliza and Mary Lynn talk about their comedy sets and Thomas discusses improvising Shakespeare. Mary Lynn gives Thomas raw milk.

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  1. steve says:

    Good podcast! That outtake from ‘Magnolia’ with the tears of a Cruise (and grope) can be found on YouTube here.