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Episode 21: Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style
Jackie Kashian
Kickin' It Mary Lynn StyleKickin' It Mary Lynn Style

Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #21: Jackie Kashian

Mary Lynn writes: This week I get to sit down with comedian Jackie Kashian and guess what? We talk comedy, life and movies a bit. Enjoy! You can visit her website and listen to her podcast The Dork Forest.


  1. Todd Mason says:

    Cats want to be on your keyboard because they want your attention…it’s their more proactive variation on random barking. They can, like Tiberius the iguana, want to use you as a warming stone as well, but then they’d basically be getting in your lap…getting on the keyboard might be a prelude to that, but it also allows them to see what the hell’s so damned fascinating about the rattle board and the the big flat light…oh…nothing. Well, here I am…I, too, am much more fun than Sorry or Parcheesi. Time for me, my ape.

    Not for nothing, I’ve suggested more than once that Jackie Kashian and Maria Bamford are our current-model Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce, which might not please Sahl (I hope solely) since he’s likely to note, Hey, I’m still here (and might not please Bamford in some part because of how famously Bruce isn’t, and how that slow slide went down), in that Bamford is dramatic and often creates a world in her work in which she explores how we can be crazed, even when that’s expressed only in small slights or petty discourtesy…and Jackie often seems to be wryly, imaginatively calling us back from letting ourselves be crazed, more storytelling than enacting…and with more empathy than Sahl sometimes has displayed…both women often suggesting how we might be slighting our better natures. Without even as much lecturing as Bruce and Sahl could be prone to…maybe having learned from their, and others’ , examples…