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Episode 19: Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style
Kaitlin Olson
Kickin' It Mary Lynn StyleKickin' It Mary Lynn Style

Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #19: Kaitlin Olson

Mary Lynn writes: This week I have the amazing, hilarious and beautiful comedy icon, Kaitlin Olson. Kaitlin and I talk about meeting way before It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, being on a bad sketch show together, how she got the part of ‘Sweet Dee,’ and being moms. Enjoy!


  1. Suzy_Q says:

    Wow she just talked over Kaitlin the entire time & didn’t let her answer any of the questions fully. Come on Snail!

  2. Scott B. says:

    A Kelsey Grammer sketch comedy show that doesn’t have K.G.?? I need to look for that on Youtube! AAAND, we want, no, NEED, Mary Lynn’s Hot Tub Party (Boom Chica Wow Wow!!) as a spin-off Youtube show!! Happy Holidays!!

  3. Steve says:

    This episode was fantastic! Kaitlin’s the shit, go ducks, and more parenting talk. Real’s what you keep it.