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Episode 12: Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style
Chris Wylde
Kickin' It Mary Lynn StyleKickin' It Mary Lynn Style

Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #12: Chris Wylde

Mary Lynn writes: My guest this week is a wonderful actor, comedian and dad named Chris Wylde. We had a lot of fun. If you don’t know him, you should. This was my first time siting down with him after briefly being acquainted. We talk comedy. acting, politics, parenthood and a whole bunch of other nonsense. We may have broken into song a few times. You can follow him at @ChrisWylde4ever.


  1. Gary says:

    The Tea Leoni show he is thinking of was “The Naked Truth”. Oddly enough, it co-starred Jonathan Penner, who is on this season of Survivor!

  2. Rebecca R. says:

    My brother has the same theory as Chris about Murder She Wrote. Angela Lansbury’s character was definitely the murder in every single episode. So many innocent people were put in jail for Jessica Fletcher’s heinous crimes!

  3. Raymond Smith says:

    I have seen Chris in so many things. I do remember him on a show in HGTV. Can you ask him about that. Knowing he is a Comic, always assumed this appearance was real and not a bit.

  4. Scott B. says:

    Actually (as I push my bifocals up closer to my eyes) in that particular episode of “Magnum, P.I.”, Thomas Magnum is wearing the wristwatch that his father, who was in the military, left for him after he died; no clocks. And he’ treading water at least 24 hours, if not longer. . . *Sniff*!!

  5. RIM SLIPPLY says:

    I never thought I’d enjoy listening to a conversation between to people remembering television shows completely incorrectly so much.