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Khaleesi! Captain Hammer! Leeloo! Star-Lord! Even More Cosplay Goodness from Comic-Con 2014!

Khaleesi! Captain Hammer! Leeloo! Star-Lord! Even More Cosplay Goodness from Comic-Con 2014!

Comic-Con 2014 may have come and gone, but it’s legacy lives on in the countless cosplay photos that continue to pour forth from the annual Nerd Prom. Our latest (and greatest?) gallery of goodness contains such classics as Batgirl, Wonder Woman (one of two featured here is our own Valerie Perez), and Thor, while offering gender-bending twists on favorites like Captain Kirk, the Joker, and Captain America. Recent favorites from films like Wreck-It Ralph and Guardians of the Galaxy are also represented, along with another look at what is quite possibly the finest spectacle ever to be recreated from the pages of Marvel Comics — a dead-on accurate full-scale MODOK, flanked by four of his minions — perfectly suited Agents of AIM! We’ve also got Xena, Leeloo, DC’s Death, Dr. Horrible’s arch-enemy Captain Hammer, and a veritable platoon of first-rate Game of Thrones cosplayers. Check out all this awesomeness below.

My personal faves are Captain Hammer, with his arch smile and cocky raised eyebrow, the veritable twins of Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys Targaryen and Drogo, and the Elliot lookalikes, many more of whom we found zipping through the streets of San Diego on bikes with ETs mounted in their milk crates, tossing out bags of Reese’s Pieces to promote the upcoming documentary Atari: Game Over (which details how the infamous Atari 2600 ET game almost sank the entire video game industry in the 1980s). Great stuff from Comic-Con, the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. Not clicking thru. Get some UX help.

  2. Brian says:

    this is the second time I’ve clicked on one of your cosplay photo galleries, only to find out there is no slideshow.  there should be at least an arrow to click for the next picture…

  3. JaynaCormack says:

    It’s all size 2 women with big boobs. Lame and disappointing. 

  4. Ita says:

    Is it possible to implement a gallery view or to have the option of all photos on one page? It is very cumbersome, especially on mobile, to either click through and navigate back or open a million tabs to see all photos. 

  5. Combaticron says:

    Nerdist, your photo gallery navigation sucks.

  6. Star-Lord, man. says:

    That Star-Lord is lame. It amazes me how some cosplayers can pay such attention to detail on most of their outfit and then get something as simple as a tshirt color wrong.

  7. Behemoth1979 says:

    Might also be worth noting that the thumbnails are mostly neck down, could be construed that you are only interested in highlighting the chest area of these cosplayers

  8. Murray says:

    Please implement a gallery view. How can you have a new, fancyfancy website and not have this feature?
    I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming it is not a cash grab for repeated advert loads

    • boB says:

      This, this, a thousand times this.  Captions would be great, too, for those of us who don’t know absolutely EVERY single piece of nerd culture ever made.

    • Simeon says:

      “How can you have a new, fancyfancy website and not have this feature?”

      By having a fancy new website. Whenever you hit reset on a project you end up losing a pile of features. Feature development takes time; I’m sure they’re constantly working on making the site better.
      Feedback like this helps dev teams prioritize what to work on, so keep it up 😉

  9. lazy says:

    dude slideshow or something….nope