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Key & Peele Are Excited for “Die Hard 5”

We all know that the valet characters played by Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele love Bruce Willies as much as Liam Neesons, but in this video we find out they REALLY like Die Hard. In just three minutes, the two relive all of the John McClane saga, with a little bit of a lag during with a Vengeance. That’s a pretty good movie, though. Add to the lexicon of names “Timothy Elephants” and “Bruce Willies Jr.”

For more Die Hardyness, here is a super cut of all of the bullets fired in the first four films. Surprisingly, it’s nearly six minutes, which is actually less than you’d expect for each movie being more than 2 hours long. Again, with a Vengeance has the fewest bullets fired, but when half the movie people looking for bombs, I suppose it makes sense.

And, what the hell, let’s look at the trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard which, despite many people’s hope, does not feature any Klingons. Only Russians. Seems kind of like a waste, but there we are. What exactly John McClane would be doing in the former Soviet Union is a bit beyond us. You’d think foreign nations would not stamp his passport. “Oh, we’ve heard of you. You blow up lots of things.”

A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters Valentine’s Day. Take your loved one to watch the ‘splosions. (Read our interview with director John Moore by clicking here.


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    This was MY jam, tho