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Ken Taylor’s Art for Upcoming Mondo Gallery Show Revealed

Ken Taylor’s Art for Upcoming Mondo Gallery Show Revealed

The next show at Mondo’s gallery opens tomorrow, and it features the art of the talented Ken Taylor. You may not be familiar with the name, but you’d probably recognize Taylor’s work. He’s responsible for several memorable posters in the Mondo archives, including striking illustrations for Thor: The Dark World and an Alice in Wonderland piece from the recent Mondo Disney show. He’s created many new posters for his first solo show at the Austin, Texas, gallery, and they don’t disappointment.

Taylor’s poster line-up includes Fight Club, Little Shop of Horrors, Catwoman, Children of Men, Frankenstein, Das Boot, and Predator. As per the usual process for Mondo posters, they’re all limited edition and there are variants on each design that make them even more exclusive. The available quantity for each poster differs, but as an example, the Little Shop of Horrors variant (in the gallery below) is limited to 175. The regular editions of the posters are between 275 to 400.

Collectors of Mondo’s posters will most likely be in line for the opening night of the show (Friday, May 30, from 7-10pm) to purchase whatever they can. Those who can wait until Saturday, May 31, to attend the show can get up to three posters signed by Ken Taylor himself.

If you aren’t anywhere near Austin, be patient. Any remaining posters from gallery shows are typically made available to purchase online. They fly off the virtual shelf in minutes though, so be sure to sign up for Mondo’s newsletter or follow them on Twitter to learn about on-sale information.

I’m coveting the Catwoman design. Which Ken Taylor Mondo poster are you drooling over the most? Let us know in the comments!

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