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Just Two Dudes Playin’ Their Instruments

Just Two Dudes Playin’ Their Instruments

This month has brought more joy to me than most… No, I’m not engaged. No, no promotion. No, I didn’t get to the showcase showdown on The Price Is Right… I just watched some YouTube videos and they made me laugh a lot. Sometimes nerds, things just need to be shared.

A couple weeks ago a friend sent me this fantastic clip of a dude and his guitar:

What a performance, right? We’ve all been there, man! How many times have I decided to take on a new hobby only to find myself up until the wee hours of the morning contemplating my entire existence? I’ve lost count at this point, but I freaking love this guy! It’s like being on a safari and we’re witnessing human behavior at it’s most raw. Dude, it’s okay! If you can’t play “Time Of Your Life” at graduation and impress the girl of your dreams, the world will not end. We’re here for you, man.

Our next dude is just playin’ his tuba, minding his own business:

TWIST! I can die now. I’m dying. I’m dead. This is amazing. Holy moly. While I collect myself and reteach my lungs to breathe, can we all just agree that this nervous tuba player should be the next recurring character on SNL? He is flawless, and again a perfect example of pure human emotion — that or he deserves an Oscar and should accompany me inside every single haunted house next Halloween.

These two dudes just playin’ their instruments bring me hope that maybe there are more dudes out there just tryin’ to play their instruments, too! Please share below if you or a loved one has just tried their best to play some tunes — because if we’ve learned one thing from these videos, even if you suck or if you’re scared, your work is worth sharing.