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Just How Big is the World of GAME OF THRONES? This Infographic Should Help

Just How Big is the World of GAME OF THRONES? This Infographic Should Help

Everything about Game of Thrones is big. Scratch that: everything about Game of Thrones is freaking huge. Its scope, scale, and size are fantasy of the highest order — though that can sometimes be hard to see when its story is grounded in some semi-medieval reality. Forget Texas — “Everything is bigger in Westeros” when its in the hands of George R.R. Martin. The man sure does seem to understand the gravity of the word “epic” because damn. Living in such high fantasy can make it hard to see how it stacks up to reality. Thankfully, those wonderfully intelligent smarties over at The Daily Dot have created visual, infographic-based proof that the enormity of The Realm likely far and away exceeds even your expectations of its size.

Understanding that reality can be tricky. Even with the fantasy-reality that comes with recreating the A Song of Ice and Fire series on screen with real people and real special effects, it’s still sometimes hard to tell just how big some of these things are really supposed to be. By contextualizing these looming giants in relation to some of our real world’s biggest things, we can finally get answers to questions like: just how gargantuan is The Wall in relation to things in our real world? Is Westeros the size of the United Kingdom (its frequent comparison because: medieval stuff) or is it something else entirely? How high is the mountain atop which the Eyrie rests? And what is the proportional difference between a dragon like Drogon and, say, a great blue whale?

It’s worth heading over to The Daily Dot to see the research and methodology behind the infographic. Or you can click the image below and see the wholly impressive, giant thing.


OK, seriously — did anyone else realize just HOW FREAKING HUGE The Wall really is compared to what we have here on earth? I mean jeez. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.