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“Just Cos” Documents New York Comic Con Cosplay

This week’s edition of Just Cos on the Nerdist Channel is the first in a series of episodes that constitute Chloe’s documentary of cosplay at New York Comic-Con 2012. In this installment. Chloe talks about her own cosplay prep.

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  1. bob says:

    I wonder if she got moist when those two hot guys were passing her around.

  2. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Chloe…for the record…you are a ROCK STAR. Thank you soooo much for the awesome ongoing series on cons n cosplay. Its pretty rare for someone to be able and capture the absolute blast that we fans have at the cons……you do it swimingly. Keep up the great work and great cos play (awesome Laura Croft, by the by!).

    Peace .n. Stormtrooper Elvis has left the building


  3. idp4life says:

    This was interesting! Chole actually did do a nice job at her costume.

  4. Charlotte says: