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Just Breathe With This Latest MINECRAFT STAR WARS Fan Trailer

Just Breathe With This Latest MINECRAFT STAR WARS Fan Trailer

YouTube user Paradise Decay has been plugging away at a fan film based on Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope in Minecraft – and he’s just released a new trailer before hunkering down to complete production.

Titled “Breath,” the new trailer conjures up a few familiar shots from the 1977 film, including Luke tooling around the desert, a handful of Jawas, Star Destroyers, Tie Fighters, and the Millennium Falcon. That’s definitely some Star Wars right there.

In a July 15 update, the trailer’s creator said that this would probably be the last clip of this type before the release of the full film sometime in 2015. Paradise Decay explains “I wanted to try and show a bit of the technology involved in this project – Enjoy and please tell the world!”

Based on what’s on display here, Minecraft Star Wars is coming right along. I’m curious about some of the color choices (like the light browns used for the Corellian Corvette in the opening shot), and exactly how much of the film Paradise Decay plans to reproduce and if it will be a straight take or something more in line with the LEGO spoofs? It seems like it will be more of the former: Paradise Decay advises fans of the film to watch Minecraft Star Wars accompanied by the original audio from the 1977 film.

In the meantime, you can continue to get updates on Paradise Decay’s site, and for Star Wars fans heading to the 2015 Celebration event, there’s a chance you might see it there.

[Source: Paradise Decay via Kotaku]