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Awkward Family Photos

Junior “Awkward Family Photos”

The Nerdist Channel’s video version of Awkward Family Photos features photos of kids this week, and that’s all we need to know, right? Or have you blocked all memories of your OWN awkward photos from your youth? Personally, I deny ever having any pictures taken of myself before the age of 21 (other than this one, because I already posted it and it’s too late to deny its existence). And I won’t confirm that one of my elementary school pictures featured a case of bed head so advanced that hair stylists the world over use it as a case study of tonsorial malpractice. (Memo to the Awkward Family Photos guys: That picture doesn’t exist. At least, I think I destroyed all copies and burned the negatives.)

As always, don’t miss the Awkward Family Photos website for more kid stuff and other photographic disasters.

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