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Judge Minty Shows Dredd Isn’t the Only Law

Someone’s been reading my Christmas list and dropped off a present early. There is nothing cooler than a bad ass curmudgeon… well, nothing cooler except an elderly Judge in the Judge Dredd Universe.

Judge Minty is a not-for-profit fan film based on a minor character created in the Judge Dredd comic from  2000 AD and Rebellion. Striking a nifty balance between the Stallone Dredd and Dredd 3D, Judge Minty follows the eponymous law enforcer as he must deal with his age clouding his ability to judge and carry out sentences.


In the Dredd universe, when an experienced street judge is ready to come off the beat, he can either teach at the Academy or walk the Cursed Earth, bringing law to the lawless wastelands outside of Mega-City One. In the film, Judge Minty encounters the denizens of the Cursed Earth while he takes his Long Walk (The Judge name for retirement). About halfway through, the short takes on a post-apocalypse noir vibe, as Minty doles out sentencing for crimes committed. This short is a bad-ass addition to the Dredd Pantheon, and we kind of hope there’s more where this came from.

Source: Judge Minty


  1. Oyote C Wiley says:

    “Long Live, Judge Minty! He IS the Law!!! “