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Jonathan Mann’s New Robotic Love Song Mashes Up Movie Robots

Jonathan Mann’s New Robotic Love Song Mashes Up Movie Robots

We love robots. Who doesn’t love robots? (Also it’s best that they think we love them since we all know they’re eventually going to take over the world.) Jonathan Mann seems to understand this, so today he released a new song “The Robots Don’t Love You” on his YouTube channel, and the video that goes with it is a mash-up of robots in film. So many of our favorites are there: Daleks from the ‘60s, Robby from Forbidden Planet, Data from Star Trek, Wall-E, Agent Smith, and many more.

Mann has been creating a new song every day since January 1, 2009, and now he has more than 2,000 tracks in his collection. The songs are all original and have been praised for their wit, references to pop culture, and up-to-the-moment social commentary by media figures like Rachel Maddow and Paul Krugman. They’re not always perfect, which he acknowledges on his Tumblr, but who can expect someone to be a creative genius every single day? We give him props for his creativity and the attitude that you can’t always be perfect or great, but you should always try. To celebrate his 2000th song, he participated in a Reddit AMA and composed songs as answers to questions. Who does that? He probably kills at musical improv.

“The Robots Don’t Love You” is catchy. It might get stuck in your head. Give some of Mann’s other songs a listen, too. He’s got an EP out on Bandcamp, and you can listen to his favorites from the collection on his YouTube channel.

HT: LaughingSquid


  1. Warbear says:

    Firstly, I counted 12 (TWELVE) in that clip that were NOT robots, several weren’t even mecahnical!
    The Guyver was a suit!  And DROIDs is NOT robots.  AI makes the difference.   Could have done SOME research into it.

  2. Is it weird that Wall-E is my favorite robot of all time?