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Jonah Raydio #59: Not A Live Episode
Episode 59: Jonah Raydio
Not A Live Episode
Jonah RaydioJonah Raydio

Jonah Raydio #59: Not A Live Episode

I, Adam Rodrigues, was not there for this episode because I was off playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Seriously.  The rest of the gang got together and had comedian, writer, actor, and co-host of Walking the Room podcast Dave Anthony, as well as writer for Uncle Grandpa and Rick and Morty, Wade Randolph.  Also in attendance is animator and artist Deanna Rooney.  Check out Dave’s new podcast The Dollop.


Featured Songs

Mirna’s Revenge” by Golden Afternoon

Sickness” by Rodioactivity

Tongues” by Paws

Trying to Find a Balance” by Atmosphere


  1. gronimojackson says:

    adam litman? adam litman? anyone know where that random song at the 90 minute mark is from? no info ANYWHERE

  2. James Anthony says:

    god I fucking missed those shotgun sounds and that horn! Really got a good laugh from this show.

  3. Sex Fruit says:

    Fuuuuuuiiccccckkkkkkk yeeeeeeeaaaahhhh sex fruit 

  4. Sex Fruit says:

    I said fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkllk yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh

  5. Alex says:

    I love when Deanna is on!

  6. drew says:

    hahaha, i love it, keep em coming