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Jonah Raydio #41: Exploded Episode
Episode 41: Jonah Raydio
Exploded Episode
Jonah RaydioJonah Raydio

Jonah Raydio #41: Exploded Episode

After a two week hiatus because of everyone being out of town at some point, Jonah Raydio is back!  This week, we have our good friend Dave Kloc with us!  Dave is also an AMAZING illustrator, so please check out his stuff.

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Dave Kloc website

@KmanWorldwide on Twitter

Dave Kloc on Tumblr

Intro song by Mike Krol


Featured songs

Self Made Man by Society Nurse

Brittle Bones by Meraki/Toska

Hate Song for Brains by Andrew Jackson Jihad

Wide by Serfs

Do the Disaster! by The Even Stevens

Shake by The Head and the Heart


  1. gannon says:

    Love the album reference this week! Since Polvo was in my backyard, I got the privilege of seeing these guys a lot. Still one my all time favorites.

  2. lookleftandsmile says:

    f yah to the polvo reference!

  3. Patrick says: