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Jonah Raydio #36: …Like Episode
Episode 36: Jonah Raydio
...Like Episode
Jonah RaydioJonah Raydio

Jonah Raydio #36: …Like Episode

We are back with Season 2 of Jonah Raydio!  This is an amazing episode with amazing stories from our guest Chris Holmes, a long time friend and successful disc jockey (he opens for Paul McCartney!).  Please check out The Voice Project, which utilizes music to effect positive social change and promote human rights around the globe.

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Featured Songs

Head On by Man Man

Walking On Landmines by Ashtar Command

Quit Playing Video Games and Get Laid by Jonah Ray, Chris Holmes, and Dragon Boy Suede

Appreciate Me by Naronic Distress

End Result (Cover) by Jeffrey Lewis

Tea Baggers by Megachurch


  1. Christinne says:

    in the style!!!
    Joe Satriani

  2. David Brandemihl says:

    After Episode 50, you should release all of the theme songs for download, in one place. or put it on vinyl, cuz that’s a thing you do.

  3. Squeeze_My_Leeze says:

    Is there anyway we can get a download link to this episode’s theme song?

  4. So glad I listened to this! Har Mar Superstar is such a good band!!

  5. Doug Houston says:

    welcome back!!!

  6. MonarchHench says:

    Huzzah! Missed it, Jonah!

  7. kevin says: