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Episode 32: Jonah Raydio
Never Mind the Episode
Jonah RaydioJonah Raydio

Jonah Raydio #32: Never Mind the Episode

This week we have comedian Chris Thayer joining us!  Not only did we get to hear some songs from Chris, but we got to hear him talk, too.  Adam is back from Ojai, but we lost Cash this week due to sports.  If you are in the Los Angeles vicinity, check out Chris’ weekly stand up show The Business.  This week’s episode of Jonah Raydio is sponsored by Warby Parker, and brought to you by Blue Collar Distro and The Hundreds.



The Business

The Mean Reds


Featured Songs

Matt Berry “Medicine”

Armalite “Other Entertainers”

Apollo Ghosts “Things You Go Through”

Scared of Chaka “Submarines”

The Soft Pack “Saratoga”


  1. Paul says:

    Jonah’s horrible sponsoring is so great.

  2. Jay says:

    Even Chris’s solo song sounded good. Always a funny dude.

  3. Patrick says: