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Episode 29: Jonah Raydio
Flyin' the Episode
Jonah RaydioJonah Raydio

Jonah Raydio #29: Flyin’ the Episode

Jonah Raydio is back!  This week we have Bobcat Goldthwait!  Not only is he one of the sweetest, nicest people, he had a ton of awesome stories to tell.  One such story included how he opened up for Nirvana.  Keep an eye out for Bobcat’s upcoming movie
Willow Creek.

Produced by Cash Hartzell, sound drops by Neil Mahoney, and hanging out by Adam Rodrigues.  Sponsored by Blue Collar Distro and The Hundreds.

Featured Songs

“Constant Headache” by Joyce Manor

“Rode Out That Day” (unreleased) by Rozwell Kid

“Delicate Cycle” by The Uncluded

“Know My Name” by Small Multiples

“Plea from a Cat Named Virtue” by The Weakerthans