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Episode 22: Jonah Raydio
Every Good Episode Deserves …
Jonah RaydioJonah Raydio

Jonah Raydio #22: Every Good Episode Deserves Fudge

On this week’s episode we have the funny and talented Sean Tillmann, a/k/a Har Mar Superstar.  As usual, everyone drinks, Neil gets a call from his mom that he doesn’t take, and Adam still doesn’t have his own microphone.

You can check out Har Mar Superstar at the Bootleg Bar in Downtown Los Angeles on March 21st.  On a side note, Sergio Still and the Moving Pictures are now just The Moving Pictures.  Follow us on the Twitter: @JonahRaydio, @jonahray, @cashhartz, @neilmahoney, and @admrigs.

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Check out Har Mar’s podcast Nocturnal Emotions:

Featured Songs

Har Mar Superstar “Lady, You Shot Me”

Calvin Krime “Sean Na Na”!/search/song?q=Calvin%20Krime%20Sean%20Na%20Na

Sean Na Na “Double Date

Atom and His Package “Shopping Spree”

Har Mar Superstar “Shopping Spree”

Har Mar Superstar “DUI”