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Episode 14: Jonah Raydio
(the blue episode)
Jonah RaydioJonah Raydio

Jonah Raydio #14: (the blue episode)

Tonight on Jonah Raydio we are joined by good ol’ buddy Ed Salazar (who drinks an entire pint of whiskey in the course of the podcast). We have music news, hashtag games and Neil gets uppity. This episode is once again sponsored by Blue Collar Distro where you can buy the brand new Jonah Raydio shirt!  Also a quick intro song by Motion City Soundtracks’ Tony Thaxton!

Fidlar- Cheap Beer

Bruce McCulloch -Doors Fan

Family History – Wait

Cocky Streets – Samson #2

Megachurch – Tea Baggers

Treasure Fleet – The Well

Support these bands, see the live, buy their music, and spread the word.

Follow: @JonahRay, @jonahraydio, @cashhartz, @NeilMahoney, @EdASalazar

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  1. That “Ross the Boss” guy was truly an idiot.

  2. streetlight says:

    FIDLAR fucking rocks

  3. Neil Mahoney says:

    “Uppity” is charged language. Please do not be racist in episode descriptions and definitely not in reference to me.