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Jon Stewart Got the Wu-Tang Clan to Reunite, Perform on THE DAILY SHOW And It Was Magic

Jon Stewart Got the Wu-Tang Clan to Reunite, Perform on THE DAILY SHOW And It Was Magic

Jon Stewart is not exactly where we expected the Wu-Tang Clan to not only reunite but unleash a bevy of new details about their forthcoming album, but hey: people surprise us every day (and we are certainly not complaining).

Back in 2011, Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon announced that the hip-hop super-mega group (which is seriously putting it lightly) would be working on a brand new album titled A Better Tomorrow. A worthy title, as the group possibly/maybe hinted that the record would be a new beginning of sorts. And on Wednesday night we were treated to our first glimpse of that tomorrow when Wu-Tang ended up reunited on stage at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The rap legends came together — yes, all nine members of the Wu-Tang Clan were in attendance, with Ol’ Dirty Bastard not far from anyone’s mind — to talk about the road to bringing A Better Tomorrow into the world. And it’s a big deal, as this is the first album from the group since 2007, aside from the $5 million secret album that was held in a vault in Morocco. Hinting at the very public beef between Raekwon and RZA in the lead-up to the album’s release, Stewart asked several questions about the challenges the group faced to both Raekwon and RZA.

But unity and brotherly love were the themes of the interview, ultimately, and any potential beef was nonexistent during the interview portion of the evening. Something that continued into the performance portion of the evening, where the group debuted their new single, “Ron O’Neal”.

Do you think this new Wu-Tang track holds up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. eat the bird says:

    wtf why didnt you put up the vid?  Damn CC bein so skeezy

  2. Kyle says:

    Wu Tang is so great.