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Join The Realm with These GAME OF THRONES State Sigils

Join The Realm with These GAME OF THRONES State Sigils

Oh you Game of Thrones fans — you are an enthusiastic lot, aren’t you? Always wanting to get in on the fun, daydreaming about joining the Realm and whether you’d be on the side of ice or fire in the grand scheme of things. Well thanks to a particularly ambitous and intrepid Redditor that goes by the name boo-yay, your allegiances have been made for you with these nifty house sigils for every single American state and territory. At last you know where you stand.

From Alabama to Alaska to Florida to the Dakotas and even Guam, there’s a representation for everyone (that is, in the very least, tangentially connected) in these United States. There are even House Words to go with each one — and no, before you roll your eyes in bordeom, they’re not all simply the state mottos. No, no, no: that would be too easy.

Instead, boo-yay used historical American lore and even Wayne’s World references (schwing!) — in addition to some state mottos, yes — to craft the mighty representative sayings of each house. Except for Delaware. Poor Delaware.

You can check out the entire set here, or peep some of our favorites (and general alliances) below in the wee gallery. Ain’t life grand?

Which state do you think has the best house sigil? Think you can do one better? Leave ’em in the comments!

HT: Mashable


  1. Franklin says:

    wow. they didnt really change tennessee at all.

  2. Andrew says:

    New Hampshire takes the cake simply because those words hit so hard. “Live Free or Die” is a battle cry, and a damn good motto for the Game of Thrones world. 

    • Kat says:

      but the sigil doesn’t really represent NH. We are more than just our coast. and wtf is up with the star lol