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Joan Allen Learns Her Husband is a Bad Man in Stephen King’s A GOOD MARRIAGE

Joan Allen Learns Her Husband is a Bad Man in Stephen King’s A GOOD MARRIAGE

Hey, if you’re married and suddenly discover you’re in a Stephen King story, just bail. You’ll either find out your spouse is being menaced by a supernatural fetal twin/character from one of his books (The Dark Half), or they might die tragically, sending you on a twisted path of revenge against the mobsters responsible for their demise (Road Work).

Another case in point: Joan Allen’s character in the thriller A Good Marriage, out this October from director Peter Askin. The film co-stars Allen and Anthony LaPaglia as a happily married couple – that is, until she discovers that her husband is a notorious serial killer. Avatar‘s Stephen Lang shows up as “the cop who knows too much,” and I can’t imagine an ending for his character that doesn’t involve a shovel to the back of the head or something equally horrible.

King wrote the screenplay for the film, which is the fourth feature for Askin, who previously directed the 2007 documentary Trumbo.

This is kind of a fertile time for King adaptations: The Stand may (or may not) be happening at Warner Bros. alongside another take on his sprawling novel It. Some of us are also hoping that The Dark Tower might someday rise again, although given the super ambitious plans by Ron Howard over the last couple of years, it seems like that one might be a tough nut to crack. Meanwhile, Cell and The Milkman are wrapping production, and Under the Dome is in its second season on CBS.

A Good Marriage will be in theaters and OnDemand on October 3.


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  1. CptHubris says:

    Road Work wasn’t about revenge against the mob.  The author is thinking of Dolan’s Cadillac.