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Jimmy Pardo To Shoot THE WEEKLY AWARDS Pilot For TBS

Jimmy Pardo To Shoot THE WEEKLY AWARDS Pilot For TBS

Comedian, warm-up for Conan O’Brien, pioneering podcaster, and a human database of cultural references, Jimmy Pardo is getting another shot at his own TV show. TBS has just ordered a pilot presentation from Conan O’Brien’s Conaco of The Weekly Awards with Jimmy Pardo, on which Pardo “…honors all the news, clips, personalities and oddities of the week in a tux.”

A few years ago, Pardo got to make a pilot for Comedy Central called Jimmy Pardo Needs Jokes, which in turn became a great web series here at Nerdist called Write Now! If you’re just now finding out about this series, check it out; It’s a hilarious roast from almost all angles with Pardo as a ringleader and great writers and comedians at his disposal. If you already know about it and enjoyed it as I did, give it another watch, because you probably need a break from House of Cards.

The Weekly Awards with Jimmy Pardo will be shot in Burbank, CA on Friday, March 7th, so, if you’re in the greater Los Angeles area, you can and should RSVP for it ASAP. Really, you shouldn’t miss any chance to see Pardo live.


  1. I wish Nerdist would bring back Write Now! One of the funniest shows Nerdist has thrown up onto youtube.

  2. Brian Borbot says:

    I hope that they pick up the pilot. I’ve seen Jimmy do stand-up and had the opportunity to talk with him a while afterward. He’s a terrific guy and deserves his own show.