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Jimmy Fallon’s HOUSE OF CARDS Parody Is About as Fallon-y as It Gets

Jimmy Fallon’s HOUSE OF CARDS Parody Is About as Fallon-y as It Gets

Oh that Jimmy Fallon. Such a card, ain’t he? Such a… (wait for it slash I’m sorry) cue card, if you will. The Tonight Show host returned to his parody video business on the show Tuesday night to delightfully skewer that oh-so-serious Kevin Spacey Netflix series, House of Cards. Oh yes, it’s House of Cue Cards: the harrowing tale of the downright dirty political machinations that have made the show’s Rockefeller Center home into late night television’s cesspool of silly.

Working that Frank Underwood tinged accent and the patronizing way in which he over-explains, well, pretty much everything, Fallon’s parody is about as Fallon as he gets. The slightly corny jokes, the perma-repetition (tap, tap), and a sweet, sweet Ellen Barkin cameo (she really is a stellar Clare Underwood), a bevy of on-screen mystery texts, and an admittedly predictable villain? Well, you’ve got yourself a parody video, folks. An adorable if cheesy fun way to spend several minutes.

Oh and bonus points to Higgins for pulling out a real prize Red from Orange is the New Black impression. Netflix must be so happy.

See what we mean about the villain? Mighty convenient for Jay Leno to show up in this as it was recently announced that he would be returning to NBC — cool your jets before you uproar, it’s not what you think — as a mentor on Last Comic Standing. (The man really cannot stay away from television.)

I just wonder when we’re ever going to hear the end of all these jokes about Jay Leno’s downright possessive love of hosting The Tonight Show. Will it ever happen? Let’s speculate in the comments.