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Jimmy Fallon Takes The Xbox One And PS4 For A Spin

Jimmy Fallon Takes The Xbox One And PS4 For A Spin

When our good friend Jimmy Fallon isn’t suffering defeat in bowling showdowns at the hands of Team Nerdist, he sometimes likes to entertain himself with a video game or two. It’s no secret that Mr. Fallon is a strong supporter of the game medium, as he’s often had developers on his late night show to demonstrate their upcoming games. So it comes as no surprise that recently Jimmy debuted both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to the world along with guest Will Forté and Ice-T respectively. Let’s watch him take the next generation consoles for a spin.

Jimmy Fallon Xbox One Demo

Jimmy Fallon PS4 Demo


You have to admit, both of the demos showed off pretty cool features. If anything, Jimmy certainly seemed to enjoy himself experiencing what many others will be over the holidays in their homes. Did either of these demonstrations further urge you to want to buy one of the next gen systems? Let us know which one you plan on grabbing (assuming you haven’t bought one yet) in the comments.


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