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Jimmy Fallon Show Pics

Above: Michael Moore & Jimmy. Below: Broken Bells taken with Hipstamatic

Check out Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tonight! I’m nerding out on it.


  • Hey Chris, thought you were pretty cool until tonight. I’m a female in the IT industry and when you make comments about how technology “scares the vaginas” and other disparaging remarks about women as a gender dislike technology, it promotes the “idea” in men’s brains that women are NOT technically capable. I feel the same way you do, love everything nerdy and have been in the IT industry for over 20 years. My job has always been made more difficult by having to overcome people’s bias towards women in this workplace. THANKS FOR BEING MISOGYNIST without even knowing it!!!!!

  • author

    Hey Mellissa! Sorry you took it that way!

    1) It was a comedy show and not a lecture, so I wasn’t trying to make a grand point. Just being purposely stupid.
    2) that was EXACTLY my experience as a youth. D&D, chess club, Latin club…I once asked a girl out and she laughed in my FACE and actually used the word ‘nerd’

    Truthfully, I don’t see how what I said insulted you, but I do understand that this is something of a sensitive topic for you and for that I apologize!

    And to everyone else, thanks!

  • Hey Chris. I loved how you felt up Michael Moore.

    I’m female and in the IT industry as well, and I know a lot of other women who aren’t into all the techie stuff. They pretty much snore or pretend to look at their invisible watch while listening to me…another female. So no offense taken here. It was all in good fun.

    I’m attracted to nerds like you, then again I also think Kevin James is adorable.

  • As my wife would say, “I don’t care if your IPad flashes or not, keep your pants on nerd!” … when we are left with copping a feel off Moore-Than-A-Handful, it speaks for it self.

    You’re Funny Hardwick

  • Hey, Mellissa, it’s not about you. Take a headcount at any uber-geeky venue. The ratio still *heavily* favors the men-folk. I’m with Chris on this one. I was a nerd WAY before there was anything even remotely resembling “nerd street cred” or even “social peer acceptance”. Mind, the number of women truly relating to nerdism has gone up from nigh zero in my day to a double-digit percentage now. Don’t pretend, though, that nerd girls like you are the rule rather than the exception.

    That said, I don’t want to get into a polar position with you or anyone else on this topic. Welcome nerdy girls, and here’s to hoping the ratio continues to approach male/female equilibrium! But we’re not there yet. My fingers remain crossed, however.