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Jenna Coleman Might Be Leaving DOCTOR WHO at Christmas

Jenna Coleman Might Be Leaving DOCTOR WHO at Christmas

Well, this makes me incredibly sad. One week before the eighth series of Doctor Who premieres on television screens, and right in the middle of the whirlwind world tour, the UK publication The Mirror is reporting that series star Jenna Coleman, she who plays the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, might be ready to hand over her TARDIS key at Christmas time.

The article which posted this evening on the Mirror‘s website cites “a source” says that talks have began for Coleman to vacate the role she’s had for 18 months, save a couple of earlier guest spots. The past few months have been especially eventful with the  50th Anniversary special, Matt Smith’s exit, and now Peter Capaldi’s entrance. The source says “The conversations about Jenna’s exit have started, and a plan is in place which is being ironed out. By the time she leaves she will be one of the longest-standing companions ever. She has been absolutely brilliant in the role, but everyone agrees it is a part that should change after a period.” The source also says that the decision is entirely mutual.

I love Coleman’s portrayal of Clara and she’s brought real humanity and likability to the role since day one. She’s now the heart of the show, as she bridges the gap between Smith and Capaldi. If she is indeed leaving, I’ll certainly be sad.

But, for some perspective –most companions don’t stay around much more than a couple of seasons. The very first companion of the new series, Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper, lasted two series and also was the link between Doctors Eccleston and Tennant. Just as the show’s lead actor changes, so too (and far more frequently) do the companions change. There’ve been almost 60 of them in the 50 years of the show. If indeed Coleman leaves at Christmas, she’ll have been in 25 episodes, more than Catherine Tate or Freema Agyeman, and only a couple less than Piper. That’s a pretty good run for a companion in the new show.

Source: Mirror

What do you think of this news? Will you be sad to see Clara go? Which companion departure has been the saddest for you up to now? Let’s talk about it below!

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  1. I know eventually every companion will take leave, but it never gets any easier to say goodbye. I am behind on the series, but Series 7 built Clara up as the Impossible Girl, a young woman who ultimately sacrificed herself, allowing herself to be torn into many fragments, each aiding and saving the Doctor at different times in his life, a favour which the 11th Doctor returned in rescuing her. She deserves to extra-special place by the Doctor. The two episodes I have seen so far however have not done her justice. It feels like the series has taken on a new attitude and Clara has not be adapted to it (or for that matter, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax all seem a bit out of place with the 12th Doctor). It feels like the opposite of Clara outgrowing the series–its the series that shrank in the dryer. Plus, I really hate to see a pretty face go. If she is to leave, I implore the writers to give her a happy ending, and may be turn out again in guest appearances. The Impossible Girl deserves it after all she’s been through.

  2. Mark says:

    Is it just me, or has Clara’s accent continued migrating further north over time?  Discounting her first two “impossible” appearances, once she became a series regular, her accent seemed to migrate from London to Liverpool.  I suspect the latter is closest to her own.

    As for companions, both the Ponds and Clara were great controls for an out-of-control Matt Smith Doctor.  However, Capaldi’s Doctor is totally in control, so Clara doesn’t fit in like she used to.  Where she was sort of a “buddy-buddy equal” to Smith’s Doctor, she’s more of a “daughter” to Capaldi.  That’s a different role for both the audience to accept and I suspect also for Clara (and the show writers).

    I never disliked any of the companions, even Catherine Tate (probably the series character who had the most growth in character over their lifespan).  They’ve all fit well with the Doctor across the set, and I’m sure even Clara will adjust / adapt over time.

    That all said, I do like the idea of a non-Earthling for the next companion, or even Jenny (the clone daughter, not Vastra’s wife).

  3. Scott says:

    I can’t wait for her to be gone. Too many inconsistencies in her interaction with Capaldi and what was previously established regarding the doctor…her character is single handedly ruining for me what was once my favorite show

  4. Mel says:

    Um, helllooooo….Karen Gillan, 35 episodes as a companion…

  5. AJ says:

    That’s fantastic news! I would love to see Clara go. I’ve never liked her, and really feel like her episodes were the worst of Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor. I would welcome a new companion. Not that the Jenna Coleman has done a bad job, I just don’t like the Clara character. She just doesn’t seem to fit well. 

  6. MWRuger says:

    The two companions I missed the most were Sarah Jane Smith and Leela of the Sver Team. 

    I would also not that Clara’s tenure as a long running companion does not include comparison with The Classic Era.

  7. JakeB says:

    Anyone who actually reads the Mirror knows that they’re tabloid trash and clickbait constantly. Until the BBC confirms it, this shouldn’t be news for any other site. Using The Mirror as your source is seriously poor reporting.

  8. Witchchylde says:

    I don’t think she was with the Eleventh Doctor really long enough to fulfill the entire experience of being a Companion!  And it hadn’t even really been confirmed, just a rumor from The Mirror after all, so I’m not going to buy this wholesale at this point.

  9. rfincv says:

    Every Doctor should have their own companion. I think it is time for her to go.

  10. chigaze says:

    Over the last year we’ve watched all the series from the 9th Doctor forward and I enjoyed the 10th’s companions the most. They were more active, involved, and less props for the Doctor to save. With the 11th Doctor the rule seemed to be shut up and do what your told. Only towards the end did Amy start to show any agency of her own. The only episode where she was completely her own character was in the “Girl Who Waited” where old Amy was great. Clara has been an improvement and it’s possible with the new Doctor she’ll have to be more assertive. 
    As for a new companion, I think it’s a good idea. One thing I liked about the 10th Doctor was the constant mixing up of companions, particularly when they had to deal with each other. While the Doctor is not big on endings he is big on change.

  11. John says:

    I hope not but it seems to make sense with the possible story. All the previews we have show Clara being thrown off by the regeneration. So maybe she just decides its time to go. I’m hoping she leaves on good terms with the Doctor maybe telling Twelve, “You are the Doctor, just not my Doctor.” But who knows. 
    I really like Clara and think she’s a bit underrated as a companion. 

  12. steelsheen says:

    NO I don’t want her to go 🙁 . I LOVE Clara/ Oswin and the great job Jenna has done for it. I want her to stay 2 more seasons. it’s like we’re just getting adjusted to a new Doctor and before we can get settled with that we go through another upheaval of losing and finding a new companion

  13. Iain says:

    I really hope it’s not true. She’s one of my favourite companions although her development suffers from Moffats bad writing. If it is true then I hope she goes out with a bang.

  14. Amber says:

    I’ll be happy to see her go. She’s a good actress and a likable enough companion, but I find her really hard to connect to and I’m hoping that the next companion makes me feel connected again. To be fair to her, Amy and Rory were incredibly hard companions to follow. But I still connected to her about as much as I did to Martha, which was hardly at all. I was hoping to love her with Capaldi since I just didn’t get it when she was with Matt. Maybe that will still happen and make her exit a truly emotional one. All we can do is wait and see. 

  15. Marty Boeck says:

    I am bummed.  I have been hoping for some serious longevity.  Either a Doctor or a companion sticking around for 4 or more seasons.  Was hoping that it might be Clara.

  16. Maybe Osgood – nerdy scientist will be the new companion! She stars in The Day of the Doctor..but the name Osgood … (Oswin Oswald!).  She strangely wore the scarf of Tom Baker’s Dr and the new photos show her wearing both a bowtie and red training shoes?? Strange… was she on the journey with the Doctors as well or does she have a long lost sister who bring her back stuff? Someone does mention a sister to her at one stage in the Day of the Doctor.  Only an idea …but why is she in the series …. mmmm…time will tell !!

  17. Emma says:

    I’ll have just had my baby then if this happens…I’m going to be an emotional wreck! No doubt she will leave in the saddest way possible…a little bit of consideration please lol

  18. Marg says:

    Maybe she is not geting along so well with capaldi as much as she did with Smith? So bad she leaves!
    I really started watching DW when Matt Smith played the Doctor, why? because I didn’t know the show before, because is not a popular show in my country. I tried to start well watching some episodes of the first season and jumping to some of the seasons with the 9th and 10th Doctor but I couldn’t connecct with them as much with Eleven  and I didn’t love the other companions as much as I loved Amy and Rory. Everytime I remember Matt Smith playing the Doctor I feel happy and melancholic at the same time. It’s so bad that his last episode (and so many episodes) was so chaotic and pointless and we didn’t have a proper good bye. Anyway I’m not interested on keep watching the show. I admit I’m not really a fan of DW just a fan of the 11th Doctor and his companions, was a fun ride! But life is too short to keep watching DW and there are other series, books and movies to enjoy.

  19. wadebran says:

    The Mirror is often wrong.  I would wait for someone else to confirm it. They’re also the ones who stated definitively that ALL of the missing Who episodes had been found.  Having said that….1 & 1/2 seasons would still be more than Donna and Martha got.

  20. TF Lydon says:

    I couldn’t wait to see the back end of Donna or Martha or Perry or Ace for that matter. Don’t much care for River either. Clara was/is okay, nothing special. It’s been nice to go back to not having any hanky panky in the TARDIS though. Amy and Rory have really been the best companions in the new series.

  21. jbean says:

    Figured she’d probably leave after the new Doctor was established. More surprised that we hear about it before his eps even begin.

  22. Amanda panda says:

    I am so sad I liked Clara but oh well as long as the new companion is funny and sassy. 

  23. MrGothyk says:

    With all of the gaps in scheduling, I feel we’ve hardly seen her. I can’t believe she’s been in the number of episodes they claim… None the less, at least two with Capaldi. I really like her attitude in general. I like her backstory. I would definitely be sad to see Clara go. I hope the “news” is wrong.

  24. KoolAidYarn says:

    Honestly, I can’t wait for her to go.  She’s been the flattest, least interesting companion of the new series, and little more than a plot device with minimal personality of her own. 

  25. Erin says:

    Both Donna and Amy’s were sad for me. I like Clara but I haven’t really connected with her 

  26. ChrisB says:

    Please stop reposting anonymous sourced stories from tabloids. 

  27. Bryan says:

    What? Noooooo. This is sad, but hey, I’m eager to know who will be the next companion…especially since this season will be darker than the previous ones.

  28. Minedoll says:

    Rose’s departure was heartbreaking! And I have no idea why, but I just have not connected with Clara.

  29. Drangit says:

    Why spread a rumour from a tabloid site? Just wait for something official.

  30. If she does leave it will suck but this is a good time for the show to have a different companion.  Curious how they will get rid of her.  

  31. Honestly its time. She was okay with Matt Smith but I don’t see her telling with Peter. He needs a new companion for a new series. 

  32. Rabidtreeweasel says:

    Donna definitely was the most painful for me. I’m not sad about Clara leaving, she isn’t my favorite, but I know I’ll cry anyways because even the characters I’m not a fan of always get emotional send offs.

    • wadebran says:

      More than any other companion, it seems that the Doctor had more untelevised adventures with her than ones that we actually saw.  His bond with her seemed stronger than anything that was shown should have warranted.

  33. Kat says:

    I’ll be completely devastated the day she’ll leave the show.

  34. flnative says:

    I think Donna’s departure was the worst as she didn’t get to retain any memory of The Doctor.