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Jenko and Schmidt Blow It in the International 22 JUMP STREET Trailer

Jenko and Schmidt Blow It in the International 22 JUMP STREET Trailer

The international trailer for 22 Jump Street is making the rounds and, as such things tend to go, it’s got a bit more meat on it than the domestic version.

This time out, we’ve got an answer to why undercover cops extraordinaire Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) are headed back to school. Apparently you can’t destroy a port and not expect some kind of repercussions of the potentially wacky and/or violent variety.

For those unfamiliar with the pitch, 22 Jump Street takes the no longer fresh enough for high school duo and puts them in college (right in the middle of spring break, so, you know, more shenanigans).

Now I’m kind of wondering if, should this movie do well enough, we’ll somehow end up with a new 21 Jump Street series. Is that the best of all possible worlds or the worst?

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are back, proving that the Lego Movie hasn’t blunted their skill at a good penis joke. 21 Jump Street also showed that the duo could take a particularly unworkable concept (resurrecting a for whatever reason beloved drama) as both a legit comedy and a great big poke at the remake/reboot craze. 22 Jump Street will hopefully be able to nail the same tone while telling a new story with its leads. The chemistry between Hill and Tatum made the first film unexpectedly sweet – I hope that doesn’t get lost now that we’re past the “two opposites have to become friends” phase.

22 Jump Street will be in theaters on June 13th.

HT: Badass Digest