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Jeff Bridges Summoned The Dude on The First Pitch at a Dodger’s Game

Jeff Bridges Summoned The Dude on The First Pitch at a Dodger’s Game

Jeff Bridges abided The Big Lebowski fans and did The Dude proud with a bowled-out first pitch during a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. Because The Dude will never die! Nor will our love for the character or actor.

Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game is an honor reserved for many esteemed types. On one fateful Star Wars night, our own Chris Hardwick threw out the first strike of the game. But we’re overjoyed to see that Bridges did his best at making the whole affair his own. Instead of potentially embarrassing himself, or being unremarkably good at tossing a leather thing at a person waiting with another leather glove thing a few yards away, Bridges wound up with goofy aplomb and proceeded to bowl the ball over home plate — just as The Dude would’ve done.

There’s no greater honor for a bowling ball man than bringing that sort of glory to another sport with balls. Sure, it’s likely impossible that such a feat would really ever be successful in any other sport than, say, soccer because, well, y’know, most balls need to be in the air. But we give him points for doing it his way regardless. That’s the truest way of The Dude. Because, dare we say it, the man’s got balls in spades and he might as well use ’em. Never, ever, ever change Jeff Bridges. Not for anyone, not ever.

If you were given the opportunity to toss a ceremonial pitch, which of your favorite TV/movie characters would you emulate in your ball delivery methods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

HT: The A.V. Club


  1. Joe says:

    I’d go Nuke LaLoosh style and throw it at the mascot ala Tim Robbins in Bull Durham.