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Jean-Claude Van Damme Originally Cast In PREDATOR

Jean-Claude Van Damme Originally Cast In PREDATOR

Did you know that Jean-Claude Van Damme originally had a role in Predator? No, he wasn’t part of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s elite force; he was going to play the Predator itself, which didn’t exactly thrill the martial artist.

In an interview with makeup FX innovator Steve Johnson, he gives us the history of the Predator costume, including the specs of the original design. The video also includes footage of JCVD as a young aspiring action star wearing a version of the suit that would be used for cloaking scenes.

Watch it below:

It’s incredibly hilarious how upset Van Damme got believing that the lobster suit was the final design of the invisible foe. But what’s more upsetting is that we didn’t get to see an epic hand-to-hand action sequence between two action stars at their prime. Oh well. I guess we can always watch The Expendables movies over and over.

Luckily for Predator fans, the final version of the Predator suit was created and Kevin Peter Hall stepped into the role.

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