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Jason Silva Tells Us We’re More Human Than Human

Jason Silva Tells Us We’re More Human Than Human

If you’ve watched any number of science fiction films from the past 30 years, you’ll recognize how preoccupied we are with the idea of bettering ourselves through technology and creating more perfect representations of humanity through artificial means. While James Cameron’s Terminator shows us a world where machines are remorseless murder-bots who want nothing more than to crush humanity, something like Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner depicts man-made beings who are literally more complete versions of ourselves, however still bound by the limits of lifespan. “More Human Than Human,” as the quote from the film (and White Zombie song) says.

This idea is still very much on our minds as we become more and more dependent on the ever-accelerating technological landscape, which will surely lap us in brain functionality within our lifetimes. The new film Transcendence, which comes out April 17th, deals with the inevitability of the human mind merging with these artificial life forms.

Our pal Jason Silva thinks about this stuff a lot, and shares nuggets of mind-expansion with us in his Shots of Awe videos. His newest tells us that being human in this day and age is part and parcel of being transhuman. Let’s let Jason explain:

So, see there? We are already becoming robots. Let’s hope we’re more $6 Million Dollar Man than Cybermen. Below, here are some more of Jason’s thoughts surrounding the separation of man and machine: