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Jason Dohring Shares His Reaction to the VERONICA MARS Movie

Jason Dohring Shares His Reaction to the VERONICA MARS Movie

We got to hear what Piz (Chris Lowell) thought about the Veronica Mars film, but what about Logan? We caught Jason Dohring, the bad boy of Veronica Mars, at the SXSW red carpet premiere. Here’s what he had to say about the film: “I never had any doubts about how good the story would be… and when I read it the second time I really loved it. It had the humor, it had the emotions, it had relationships… all the characters people wanted to see, including this one.”

At this point Dohring put his arms around Amanda Noret, who plays Veronica’s nemesis, Madison Sinclair… and a thousand Marshmallows cried out in anguish. Get away from her, Logan! Have you learned nothing?! (I kid, I kid. I’m sure Amanda is lovely.)

Jason Dohring

One of the many great things about the cast coming back together has been to hear just how much they loved their time on the show. Everyone has nothing but praise for Rob Thomas’ writing, the entire ensemble, and their fans. To get almost everyone back for the reunion, both on screen and off, demonstrates what a remarkable show Veronica Mars was. As Dohring pointed out, “It was just wonderful.”

Veronica Mars is currently playing in select theaters nationwide, and is available for digital download on iTunes.


  1. satori says:

    It’s *also* available on on the Google play store for digital download at the same price as iTunes…