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James Franco and Seth Rogen Reenact Kanye’s “Bound 2”

Oh No. NSFW?


So after watching the original Kanye video for “Bound 2”–in all of its Planet Earth/Naked Kim glory–I thought surely there was no feasible way to make it schmaltzier, more awkward, or cringeworthy. Annnnnd I was right -that’s why given the chance to spoof Kanye’s latest, James Franco and Seth Rogen reenacted the music video scene for scene. The only real difference here is sexiness: there is something both upsetting and transfixing about Rogen’s slightly-ajar, come-hither eyes right before he reverse-cowboys the motorcycle and airhumps his longtime friend and roast-worthy colleague. Behold Rogen’s shoulder hair, unkempt visage, and Blue Steel gaze!

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  1. Kanye West is the most talentless HACK who ever pretended to be an artist. He’s not a “Song” writer nor a poet or even a rapper. His “music” is forgotten quicker than the time span of the record it is printed in ..I believe he’s actually tone deaf if not completely deaf. Does he employ no one bold enough to speak the truth.?

  2. Drarry says:

    Thought Mankini’s version was better.

  3. Pernilla says:

    This is amazing!

  4. David McLaughlin says:

    I’m scared, Dave. Will I dream…of this for the rest of my life?

  5. moni says:

    it was hard enough to watch the actual video….this is hilarious but I’m having to take breaks lol