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James Franco and Seth Rogen Reenact Kanye’s “Bound 2″

Oh No. NSFW?


So after watching the original Kanye video for “Bound 2″–in all of its Planet Earth/Naked Kim glory–I thought surely there was no feasible way to make it schmaltzier, more awkward, or cringeworthy. Annnnnd I was right -that’s why given the chance to spoof Kanye’s latest, James Franco and Seth Rogen reenacted the music video scene for scene. The only real difference here is sexiness: there is something both upsetting and transfixing about Rogen’s slightly-ajar, come-hither eyes right before he reverse-cowboys the motorcycle and airhumps his longtime friend and roast-worthy colleague. Behold Rogen’s shoulder hair, unkempt visage, and Blue Steel gaze!

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