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James Bonding #015: GOLDENEYE with Craig Rowin
Episode 015: James Bonding
GOLDENEYE with Craig Rowin
James BondingJames Bonding

James Bonding #015: GOLDENEYE with Craig Rowin

Craig Rowin joins the Matts to finish out the Pierce Brosnan movies with GoldenEye!

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  1. Mr. Burdick says:

    Loved this one but the goddam mic noises drove me nuts.

  2. Sam Wilson says:

    All the films do come between Quantum and Skyfall. It’s true that they originally intended the aston martin to be the car he got in a poker game, but the fact is it clearly isn’t in the final movie. With the gadgets and the drivers seat reflected it can’t be.
    Skyfall makes clear reference to a career which doesn’t sound like it includes just two movies. Why would M trust Bond so much if he’s been unstable for the vast majority of his career? Why are M and Bond so close if they haven’t been acting together for long? I mean in Casino she thinks his ego will get in the way, and that he’ll probably get himself killed; so how can she trust him so completely like 3 years later that she breaks protocol to put him on a mission another agent in better condition could have been put on?
    The next M (Ralph Fiennes) and several other characters make reference to the idea of Bond and M having this long career. Most notably Q makes a deliberate jab at Bond about using crazy gadgets. But there were almost no crazy gadgets in either of the previous movies. Why is Bond so considered so old, and such a relic of a past age if he’s only been working as a 00 for about 6 years; people literally work at mcdonalds longer than that.
    The only way the plot and themes make sense is if some adventures, roughly equivalent to the past movies happened between the second and third craig movie!
    I rest my case.