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Episode 007: James Bonding
James BondingJames Bonding

James Bonding #007: THUNDERBALL with Scott Mosier

Scott Mosier sits down with the Matts to discuss and dissect Thunderball!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Wait… I’m confused. Are these guys fans of Bond? The only bond film they seemed to like is Casino Royale

  2. Tris says:

    I feel your a bit harsh on Thunderball here, yes its pace is slow in places, yes its dated, but it was some fantastic stand alone scenes, case in point, you forgot the scene when Fiona is in the bath, she says, ‘ can you pass me something to wear?’, he chucks her some sandals- brilliant!

  3. Scratchjohnson says:

    If no one’s going to comment on this, then I have to say “fuck those stupid Goldfinger cunts”.

    • Jono says:

      If no one’s going to comment on this, then I have to say “I hope horrible things happen to you.”

  4. Scratchjohnson says:

    Hi Matt and Matt,
    I was just wondering if you both had considered the possibility that this reboot is leading us to remaking all the movies in the franchise over again beginning with Dr. No?

  5. Bob G says:

    After the Goldfinger podcast, I’m surprised you didn’t see the evolution of Bond’s sexuality in Thunderball. In teh beginning he’s not too different with Sanitarium nurse Pat than he was in G’finger. She has to fight off an aggressive move by Bond. Soon after his life is put at risk by what both of them see as having occurred through her oversight. She verbally resists payback sex then goes for it quickly. She’s crazy-lusty for Bond after that. Her blouse button keeps opening and closing as she bids him farewell.

    Part of Fiona Volpe’s strength is that she delivers the immunity to Bond’s charms that Pussy Galore claimed to have had. She keeps up the mocking phrase “Bond James Bond, ” as if to say “I am playing a game with you as well, Mister Bond.” She doesn’t have an “Oh James” moment where so many women have turned to passive puddles for Bond. Her post coital exchange with Bond nails him, both as a retort and an analysis. Girl vs woman, indeed.

    Bond:” My dear girl, don’t flatter yourself. What I did this evening was for King and country. You don’t think it gave me any pleasure do you?”

    Volpe: “But of course, I forgot your ego, Mister Bond. James Bond, who only has to make love to a woman and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. She repents, then immediately returns to the side of right and virtue. But not this one. What a blow it must have been – you having a failure.”

    Domino is a gentler soul and with her Bond is the gentleman to Largo’s wolf. Bond convinces her he’s a good guy in part by the way he holds her while dancing. He woos her loyalty away from Largo long before they have bubbly sex. Afterward she thinks he’ll toss her away. Instead he tells her about her brother being killed on Largo’s authority and that he needs her help. Domino’s loyalty to JB goes from personal to being on his side for the mission.

    Pardon the long post, but could this all be actual character development for Bond?

  6. Mike Brivel says:

    The cunt with the gravelly voice was a good choice. I especially enjoyed the watch discussion as I am a bit of a watch geek. Thank you, too, for making me feel ashamed for not liking the Goldfinger episode, it has been many years since I felt a good group chiding. Good show, ole boys.

  7. Joe says:

    These bonding podcasts seem to have the longest comment threads. Good pod. Would love to have A&G back. Just prepare more on that one so it doesn’t meander so much. Can’t wait to hear your take on the Bond with the super long boat chase ( Live and Let Die? ). That chase goes on forever!

  8. ArchieLeach says:

    Ya know, between this and the Goldfinger podcast, I’ll never understand what makes someone brag about not paying attention to something they’re talking about. Maybe it’s a hipster thing about being too cool to be engaged but it’s strange to me that your lack of attention span is something you’d brag about.

  9. Bob jones says:

    Great episode as usual. That was until the complaint about the fans who didn’t like the Goldfinger episode. The majority of your listeners didn’t like it. Just let it be.
    I disagree with calling them cunts of course but if you want us to treat your guests with respect, then get guests that treat Bond fans with respect!
    It’s your show, so have them back if you like. But a lot if us won’t be listening.

  10. Marc says:

    You people didn’t get enough of complaining about the bad Allie & Georgia episode three episodes ago when it aired?

    Chrissakes, get over your precious selves.

    I liked Thunderball. It’s atmospheric. Work on your patience, ya short attention span havin sonsa…

  11. Justin says:

    Matt & Matt I’m very glad you guys started this podcast! Though I was born in the year of A View To A Kill I’ve only seen the Connery and Craig Bond films but I’m watching each film around the pod. I was leery about Thunderball because I barely made it through the first two times I tried to watch it a year or so ago. I actually really dug it this time around. But, I think how I watched it helped because I watched it in two pieces. Granted I do agree that the movie could be shaved down (mostly the underwater fight scene near the end and the Largo/Bond fight) but overall I liked it and didn’t get lost in it. Keep up the good podding and I’ll see you when The World Is Not Enough!

  12. jd says:

    “i hate when women point out sexism” – a sexist

  13. CXRengel says:

    Will “Never Say Never Again” still get its own episode?

  14. Megan Farrell says:

    <3 Great ep! FeAB fan 🙂

  15. LevelledUp says:

    I enjoy the podcasts but I wish you guys would mention the actresses more. I don’t think Honor Blackman or Claudine Auger’s names ever came up during this or Goldfinger.

    While the roles might be cheesy, the actresses are often pretty interesting people; especially in the 1960s films. So if you want to counter the obvious sexism of the films some, give the actresses more due than just pointing out their boobs and character names.

  16. Chelsea says:

    Tell me Mr AB (one of the many self proclaimed 007 fans) will be on for an episode

  17. Amiral Kent says:

    The Living Daylights was the Casino Royale of it’s day. That movie (scuse the pun) blew 17yr old me away when it came out after years of Moore’s man mammaries.

  18. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    i enjoyed this episode, and laughed some bit. You did not make me see Thunderball though. What are you guys going to do when you run out of Bond? Can I do Living Daylights?

  19. Admiral Kent says:

    Who was snorting blow during the recording?

  20. Edward Gundrum says:

    Another great episode guys. Can’t wait to have Scott back for Never Say Never Again. Love the idea of the switch-a-roo or a debate for Goldfinger and Casino Royale. Would Love to see a live version of the show.

    Ohhh almost forgot…. c*#t (self edit).

  21. Ross says:

    For myself, I gave up on the earlier episode not because of what the women had to say, but that they seemed to have nothing _else_to say. And people who can’t wrap their head around the world having been a different place in a different time(i.e., a sense of history) just make me tired. Trust me, no matter how righteous you believe your views today are, in a century from now, someone else will listen to _your_ remarks in disbelief. So, as you say, I decided to wait for the next episode.

    Bond’s attitude that women, for him, are strictly for relaxation outside of work hours is described right at the start of the first novel. Meaning, Vesper actually changes his attitude about being involved with a woman beyond casual sex. Remember, Bond actually trusts her enough to be the one to test whether his courting tackle still works after Le Chiffre tortures him.
    So, it’s a reasonable theory that reaction to her death might swing such a person’s attitude even father back into the women-are-disposable mindset.

    As for the rescue cable, if it’s attached to an on-board winch, that’s how you reel them in/up–really slowly. The end may be the only time in the film they didn’t make you sit through the whole operation. There’s irony for you.

    I look forward to the rest of the series.

  22. Ken says:

    For more info on the skyhook tool used in Thunderball and The Dark Knight I found this:
    Why adrenaline junkies aren’t doing this at airfields and plane shows, I don’t know because it looks like so much fun.
    I would also love to see how Allie and Georgia view Casino Royale.

  23. J-Rod says:


    Incorrect to you actually, Max Von Sydow IS in N.S.N.A.
    As Blofeld.
    He’s right up there on the screen. With his white cat.
    So @Shalini IS correct in his/her statement.

    The voice of the unnamed Blofeld-a-like in F.Y.E.O. was Robert Rietty.

    Although I do agree with your opinions on the N.S.N.A. film.

  24. Nevans says:

    Hey Matts,
    I’m a huge Bond fan and a huge fan of your podcast. I’m sorry people stooped to the point of using the c-word while referencing Alie and Georgia. However, that episode was the worst. I have no problem with them pointing out that Bond’s sexist, but I do have a problem with them doing it for two hours. They had, near literally, no other insight or critique to offer; nor any regard for the character or the time period in which the film was made. It would be the equivalent of inviting Spike Lee to watch Live and Let Die (I’m speaking as a black male– that would be equally annoying– love that flick). I respect that you guys can have whoever you like on your podcast, but if they return, I for one won’t be listening (unless they’re tempered by someone more pleasant like Emily Gordon (who also pointed out Bond was sexist, yet still had other insights to offer) or your Royale guests). If I want to hear someone complain about films without offering any valid insight or humor, I’ll troll message boards.

  25. Nevans says:

    It’s ma’am guys, not a term of endearment.

  26. DubipR says:

    @Shalini, you said:
    “They did do a recut of Thunderball – it’s called Never Say Never Again, but it’s a non Eon Production. But, Max Von Sydow and Kim Bassinger…”

    Incorrect on Max Von Sydow. It was Klaus Maria Brandaur as Largo. Max Von Sydow was the voice of Blofeld in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

    What makes Never Say Never Again great is Michel Legrand’s jazzy score, Bernie Casey as Felix Lieter and the ever smoking hot Barbara Carrera. Overall the film’s a piece of shit, but those things make the film for me.

  27. J-Rod says:

    I LOVE Thunderball.

    And as much as I disagreed with your opinions I liked this podcast. ‘Liked’ but screamed ‘noooo’ or shook my head at some of the opinions expressed and yet still enjoyed the points raised.

    A negative review of a James Bond film and yet engaging and entertaining. The lack of which was my problem with the ‘Goldfinger’ podcast.

    I might not have used the c-word (and I’m British so I’m pretty liberal with it’s use) but that was the difference between the two, so far, negative reviews, Scott came over as someone I’d like to chat to and discuss things with. The two ladies did not.

    British Pronunciation:-
    OMEGA – is effectively ‘Large O’ in the Greek Alphabet as opposed to Omicron ‘Little O.’ In English it is ‘O – Mega’. Is the pronunciation of ‘mega-byte’ -> meegabyte? No.

    SOLACE – ‘SOL – ASS’ I was actually surprised to find there was another way of saying this word. Learn something new every day.

    Don’t get me started on DATA & FUTILE.

    MA’AM – Actually a tough one this. Certain regional dialects do actually pronounce this as ‘MUM’ but mostly it’s ‘MAM.’ But since our mother’s are usually ‘MUM’, only in a very few regions is it ‘MAM’ or ‘MAR’ but never, ever “MOM.” I’m from the same area as Daniel Craig so my ear hears it as ‘MUM’ but my brain knows he’s saying MA’AM.
    Confused? You will be!

  28. three toes of fury says:


    Gourley. Mira. THANK YOU!!!

    First and foremost for the amazing podcast . As a life-long bond fan it is a total treat and has become my fav “cant wait for the next one” podcast each week.

    Second…for the heads up on the “Everything or Nothing” documentary!!! I had no idea of its existence until this podcast. Watched it this morning. It is double-0-mazing!!!! Comprehensive, honest, and complete. Freaking brilliant! (Lazenby’s stuff was particularly great). Hopefully this documentary will be released on disc as its very rewatchable.

    Peace .n. 003

    Fury….Three Toes of Fury…..i’ll take a Mentos and Diet Coke martini…shaken, not stirred.

  29. Dave says:

    How Inidana Jones saved James Bond from fighting aliens…

    Hey guys, I’m really enjoying a reason to go back over all of the Bond films! I remember going to the video store (back in the days of VHS) always walking away with one of these movies no matter how many times I had seen it . I’m looking forward to when we get to the Moore films.

    Just wanted to share an excerpt from a foreword Steven Spielberg wrote referencing his time with George Lucas while they were in Hawaii waiting on the grosses to come in following the release of Star Wars:

    ‘He (Lucas) asked me, “What film would you like to make?” And I said, “I’ve always wanted to direct a James Bond picture.” George said, “I got that beat, I have Raiders of the Lost Ark”. – and that was the beginning of our professional partnership. In a sense, I ended up not wanting to imitate the James Bond series or even mimic it in any way. I think we all agreed that Indiana Jones had to be vulnerable. He had to be a real person. Part of him had to be the audience saying, “I could be that guy”.’

    Kind of interesting that Bond would eventually take on that more vulnerable characterization, but could you imagine what Spielberg might have done with Bond in the late 70’s? The Jaws that Bond was up against in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker could have been very different…

  30. Del Thorpe says:

    Hi Matt and Matt, great show! Thanks for doing such a good job. I just thought I’d help clarify the whole “mum” “ma’am” thing: for some reason in British institutions such as the army and police they address senior female officers as “murm” phonetically but are actually saying “ma’am”. Just one of those wierd things. It would be sweet if he were saying “mum” but sadly not. Thanksloveyoubye!

  31. Wildride says:

    Q: “Here is your Geiger counter: It detects radiation so you’ll know where the bombs are. Also, it works as an H. R. Giger counter. It detects phallic imagery and general rapiness. See, you’ll notice it goes off when I place it near you.”

  32. John G. says:

    Fuck yeah! Thanks for the info, Fury & Steve. Time to download some spaghetti western Bond music.

  33. Sound Without Focus says:

    I would like an Allie and Georgia Casino Royale episode

  34. Bald Steve says:

    @John G: You can get it on iTunes, too using the same search. I didn’t even know about these alternate theme songs, so I did a little research and found some really cool stuff. Keep in mind, these are not re-recordings of the same songs, but rather completely different compositions. All are available in iTunes:

    1. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Shirley Bassey version, which is not surprisingly, killer. Not sure if it was cut around the same time as Dion Warwick version Matt played a snippet of on today’s podcast.
    2. The Man With the Golden Gun – Alice Cooper (!).
    3. For Your Eyes Only – Blondie.
    4. If There Was a Man – The Pretenders (Originally to be the theme to “The Living Daylights”, but was bumped for the Ah-Ha song after the Duran Duran theme to “A View to a Kill” hit #1).
    5. Tomorrow Never Lies – Pulp
    6. Tomorrow Never Dies – Swan Lee. This is actually really cool. Between this and the K.D. Lang song, Surrender (that was relegated to the end credits), they had some phenomenal material to choose from.
    7. Casino Royale – Sandra. Pretty cool number that got bumped for the Cornell song.
    8. No Good About Goodbye – Shirley Bassey (shockingly, amazing, but was an alternate theme to “Quantum of Solace”, bumped for the Jack White/Alicia Keyes track). If you download any of these, get this one.

    Love the podcast, Matt & Matt.

  35. MAnuel says:

    Scott was such a cunt in this episode!

  36. three toes of fury says:

    @John G… Im with you, i totally dug that johnny cash song and was gonna track down Gourley to see if i could get a copy. Good news (everyone). Amazon has it for sale as a single. just search for “Johnny Cash thunderball”. 99 cents later you’ve got it. WOOOOOT! Its an AWESOME tune. Just like the matts said: spaghetti western goodness.

    peace .n. ring of fire

    3ToF, breaking into folsom county prison.

  37. Three Toes of Fury says:

    was an ok podcast except for the guest host…Scott Mosier is a total cun….i cant say the actual word..suffice it to say its the “c-word” and rhymes with “cunt”.

    Thou i suppose im not a totally impartial judge, for i too was at the original theater showing of this movie with Scottie and Gourley and im still a little miffed that i received zero handjobs.

    Peace .n. friggin sharks with friggin laser beams on their head.



  38. John G. says:

    Where can I get a copy of the Johnny Cash Bond song? That thing was AWESOME.

  39. James says:

    I also dropped the C-word. But I was actually referring to Matt and Matt. Fuck those guys.

  40. Picklemeth says:

    I think I was the only one to use the c-word in the comments, which leads me to believe the Matts were specifically addressing me, so I felt the need to defend myself. I really like this podcast and I don’t want the hosts thinking I’m their biggest hater. I think my comment here was justified, albeit long-winded. You used certain keywords that seem to be trying to provoke me, to the point that it almost seems like you’re joking (are you?), and you’re telling me to drop it. I am so goddamn ready to drop it, but you’re not helping. Back the fuck off.

  41. ArchieLeach says:

    Best Bond Movie.

  42. Ernst Stavro Blowme says:

    Guys, I know Thunderball can be a chore to get through, but how could none of you not understand the cold open?

    Shot of casket with JB initials. Slight misdirection. Pan up, to reveal it is not James Bond in the casket. Bond in balcony with hot Asian lady. She says something like, “you look like you wish you killed him yourself”. He replies, “I do. Jacques Bouvier murdered two of my colleagues.”. To throw people off, Bouvier is there in drag, and obviously faked his own death. Bond follows him home and kills him in hilarious fashion, tosses flowers on the corpse. The jetpack is ridiculous, as is the water blast. C’mon, guys.

    Also, stop groveling and white-knighting, Picklemeth. Allie and Georgia aren’t go to track you down and give you sex, and everyone knows you and the other guy were doing a bit. Drop it.

  43. Ben says:

    I hadn’t watched Thunderball since 1999, and as a young teen I found it extremely boring and confusing. My wife and I watched it in preparation of listening to this week’s podcast, and surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it! Sure, the long, pointless underwater sequences are a chore to watch, but that’s what checking twitter is for! I think there’s a lot to like in this movie – the ladies (especially Volpe), the villain, the exotic locale, and Bond’s overall weirdness. I also liked how this is the first Bond film where there are some pretty serious stakes – nuclear weapons COULD go off! Makes it seem a little more tense than “oh no I guess our gold is irradiated now.”
    Keep it up Matts, I love the podcast!

  44. Picklemeth says:

    @Shalini Holy shit, I completely forgot that was Max Von Sydow! Was that also the one with Bond and Blofeld playing a video game? Because that was some crazy shit.

  45. Shalini says:

    They did do a recut of Thunderball – it’s called Never Say Never Again, but it’s a non Eon Production. But, Max Von Sydow and Kim Bassinger…

  46. Nick says:

    You’ve got at least 1 crossover listener between FEAB and James Bonding!

  47. Picklemeth says:

    Hiya Matts!
    I’m that one guy that used the c-word in the Goldfinger comments, which makes this real awkward. I know it’ll be hard not to seem like an asshole, but I’m gonna try because fuckit.
    For what it’s worth, I actually defended the episode. There were 100+ comments from people who were outraged that women were spoiling the man talk, and a few people (like me) actually enjoyed the episode. These people were ignored and/or called “white knights” by smug, dismissive douchebags who can’t comprehend the idea of someone disagreeing with them without any ulterior motives. After a while, I got really tired of the assertion that anyone who defended the episode was just hoping this would somehow result in sexual payment from Alie and/or Georgia. Some (self-proclaimed) asshole told me to stop trying to defend the damsels if I wanted my opinion to be taken seriously, so I jokingly said “Fuck those cunts.” I was just trying to show that I was defending what they were saying, not coming to the aid of some helpless women.
    Again, I realize it’s hard to defend myself after that. I’m sorry I said it, but I don’t think I was the worst person in that circlejerk of awfulness.