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James Bonding #005: GOLDFINGER with Alie and Georgia
Episode 005: James Bonding
GOLDFINGER with Alie and…
James BondingJames Bonding

James Bonding #005: GOLDFINGER with Alie and Georgia

Alie and Georgia come on the podcast to talk about the controversy they found in Goldfinger!

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  • Loved every bit of this episode. C’mon nerds, let’s get with the program. If you don’t like people shitting on Bond movies in a funny way, you might want to not listen for like HALF of the following podcast episodes. Especially Thunderball. And you’re just gonna have to deal with ladies shitting on Bond for being a misogynist. I know it’s hard, and you really really don’t want to hear it, but it’s better to have a good sense of humor about things that you enjoy that are clearly dated in awful, glaring ways than to act like something is wrong when someone pokes holes in something you love during a comedy podcast.

    • Did you listen to another podcast about Goldfinger where there was comedy?
      Do you have the link for that.
      B/c I didn’t hear a whole lot of comedy here in this episode.
      I did hear an ill prepared rant by two women who dress like subjugated 50’s housewives.
      If there had been comedy maybe 99% of the commentators here might have found more to enjoy.
      Comedy- hey – that would have been a good idea.

  • There’s tons of comedy in that episode. Look, if you listened to that episode, and all you heard was two women who dress like subjugated 50’s housewives ranting then you’ve got some REAL WORLD issues here. Like, issues worth pointing out and highlighting when comparing 1950’s/1960’s era misogyny with today’s world. So, uhhhh, at least your wounded pride is topical?

    • Who said anything about pride?
      That makes zero sense.
      I think maybe it’s hypocritical to wear the virtual uniform of an era
      where women were practically forced to stay at home be pretty
      and have dinner ready b/c you like the fashion and then take a zero tolerance policy against a movie made in decades past in a very different time socially but Not be able in the least to see anything through the lens to find anything redeeming about the movie b/c the would somehow endorse misogyny??

      And for what it’s worth I love the betty paige- drive in red listick style.
      B/c I can divorce something as trivial as fashion from larger more impactful issues of equality and humanism.
      I also know what fuc*ing forum is appropriate to bring this issues up
      for debate and what places are just about entertainment and trust in understanding what everyone is here for.

  • I was erring on the side of “my pride was hurt and that’s why I thought it was necessary to attack these women by insinuating that the way they dress indicates any kind of support towards an offensive sexist stereotype.” The alternative reasoning behind that argument frankly doesn’t say a lot of nice things about you as a person, but I wanted to grant you the benefit of the doubt.

    It’s also nice that you can divorce “something as trivial as fashion from larger, more impactful issues of equality and humanism,” and that makes you an excellent judge as to whether or not other people can do the same thing? And that apparently do not have a sense of humor at all about it?

    Look, I don’t want to fight with you, or anyone here. I loved the episode, not only because I thought it was really funny (Barbara Broccoli as a Bond Girl had me laughing really hard), but because it had actual things to say in a current-day viewing of an old film that has some truly terrible sexist characters/events, and because it had more to say than just rehashing the plot, and because it’s worthwhile to get a perspective on a Bond film from people not familiar or even positive towards the Bond franchise. And most of all, because Alie and Georgia were funny and not the least bit apologetic about their views. James Bond IS an unrepentant, misognystic asshole – and it’s okay to make fun of him, the movies, and the people who love them both for that reason! Notice that Matt and Matt didn’t call them out on what they were wearing or say, “you’re being hypocritical!” They didn’t say, “hey, you have to love Bond to be on this show,” or get really defensive when two women started making fun of something they loved. They actually hoped that their fans would see the humor in poking holes in this plot, and these characters, and how frankly AWFUL it all appears today.

    I have to think they’re probably as disappointed as I am to scroll through a lot of these comments and find out they were wrong.

    • I never attacked anyone and if anyone is any kind of hurty it is you- Sir?
      I made a point that is considerable given the laser seriousness they brought to an otherwise light heated podcast about a movie that was Never meant to convey the absolute truth and justice of morality and sexual identity.
      Even typing that out seems silly
      It was the wrong message
      on the wrong podcast about the wrong thing.
      It was maybe the most redundant commentary in film.
      Early James Bond movies contained themes of sexism.
      No sh*t.
      Being insightful is in part knowing when what you want to say has Already been said and either contributing something new or knowing
      when to hold.
      I found these two guests to be able to do neither.
      As for comedy- that I suppose is subjective.
      But I am clearly not the only one with a well founded and substantiated opinion that their comments had heaping amounts of vitriol and straight up attack mode for anyone enjoying this film or any James Bond movie.
      They made it a crusade to scorch the earth.
      What about the fact that he has a license to kill?
      Where was the debate about gun control?
      Why not enter into that discussion?
      Why? Because it would be inappropriate and
      boorish to do so here.
      Also because James Bond is damn Fictional character.
      Remember that?

      And Who are you to speak for them?
      ” They actually hoped that their fans would see the humor in poking holes in this plot”
      How the hell do you know what they thought?
      This was the wrong fight in the wrong venue.

      And finally since you decided to extrapolate what a few comments I have made say about me as a person in a larger sense – allow me a go-

      They don’t know – they don’t care what you have to say- and they’re not going to be besties with you because you “get it”
      That’s not a lance that’s a sonic screwdriver from Toys -r-us- that’s not a horse it’s a moped
      Get back on it and go home.

  • Hey, just wanted to say I love James Bonding and I’m enjoying every episode. I have a request, it’s probably stupid but I’m trying anyway. I just got done with the Goldfinger episode and I’m asking: Can we please get a do-over? I understand why you had the two feminists on the show because you wanted a fresh perspective on what’s probably the most sexist entry in the series, but I felt like they completely impeded you guys from analyzing the film like you have in all the other episodes. I love both of your takes on each film and since Goldfinger is one of my favorites I feel like so much content got passed over. At the end of the day it’s your show and I’ll keep listening to each episode regardless of whether or not you even read this. Keep up the awesome work.



  • Fun fact: the number of rows of text in your pointless argument is directly proportionate to how hurt you are by the other party.

    In other news, can someone explain the concept of “white knighting”? Apparently, it’s a thing. It seems like empty attack words when someone defends something, but I’d like to know what I’m talking about before I shit my half-baked hypotheses into the angry, hateful mouths gathered before me.

  • Hey Dude and Bob:

    Did Allie and/or Georgia track you guys down, friend you on Facebook, and give you sex as a reward for defending their online honor? Cuz, boy lemme tell you – chicks love the white knight act.

    Clint, punks. Sack up.

  • POW! The white knights are pouring out of the woodwork. Go on with your bad self, Picklemeth!

    And if you want to know about white knighting, it’s called “Google”. Yes, it’s also a “thing”.

  • So this “Google” tells me that “white knighting” means defending someone, possibly in hopes of recognition. I only know Alie and Georgia from this, and an episode of Jonah Raydio. They are not a part of my life at all, and I don’t really care what they think of me. They also probably aren’t reading the 100+ comments here. I just disagree with the majority here. No bullshit internet slang necessary, just differing opinions.

  • Ahhhh, yes. In order to disagree, I must be white knighting or must have received/ must be expecting sex in return. A classy, moral high ground argument from a classy fella.

    This was a good episode, I enjoyed it (as I have all the episodes, and all the Bond movies), and these comments have shown me that it was worth it. You all wanna rage on about those not-really-feminist shrill bitches ruining your Bond flick comedy podcast, go for it. Didn’t mean hold up the momentum for the MRA pep rally. You guys go crazy.

    • Man you’ve just got me All figured out.

      How about this- GO FU*K Yourself?

      No more justified argument – no substantiated opinion or debate.
      I am just going to tell you to SHUT UP.
      Stop talking.
      GO Away.
      You don’t know me- or these women and the degree and scope that you seem comfortable in assessing the totality of people is nearing
      sociopath levels
      Shut Your Diet Tab hole.

  • I was completely unaware that sex was a possibility. I would like to change my previous comment to one of total support for this episode. I too am a staunch feminist and enjoyed the lack of bondversation more than anything. I hope future installments are equally bereft of commentary about bond films. Might I suggest members from the Animal Liberation Front for Thunderball? Is there a specific process for collecting on my sexual favors?

  • Hey ericmci, if you desperately want everyone to shut up, you could just stop reading these comments. I think you’ve had your views validated by enough people, right? You can be done here. You don’t need any more INEXplicably


    • Where- Show me where I said everyone.
      One dude keeps calling me out specifically.
      And for once I felt like addressing blow for blow.
      That seems pretty clear.(for anyone who bothered to read it)
      Anyone who didn’t bother to read this- Two sided rant, good for you.
      So either stay out of it or go back and read the whole exchange
      before You comment on it.
      iS ThAt o-K w/ith You?

  • Oops, my mistake! Please reread my previous comment, but replace “everyone” with “that one guy”, then give me an intelligent response. Sorry for the confusion. <3

    • When you ask an intelligent question maybe you’ll get an appropriate response.
      And coming into a conversation like this- what is your stake in it?
      Why would you care enough to sit down and try and pry into it?
      I personally want it to end, but you just seem eager to participate?
      And let’s Really get into it.
      You apparently deem yourself qualified to gauge intelligence based on what?
      Feel free to post your CV, any post college accomplishments, letters of note.
      I mean we want to make sure everything here is official and vetted right?

      Maybe you should drop your email as well.
      It seems like you and the other esteemed scholar might have a lot and common. Maybe you could grab a Lime-A-Rita together.

  • I suggested you stop reading this shit, and you just posted a long attack comment, which seems to be almost entirely based on my use of the word “intelligent”. But you’re the one who wants this to end, and I’m the one keeping this going? I love you.

  • LOL! Picklemeth’s got a crush. This is so great. You probably think you’re coming off all slick and casual about this, don’t you?

    Kid, you aren’t fooling anyone. Reality:

    He wears the armor, and it is white like sweet, sweet cocaine.

    When he sees a damsel in distress, online of course, he rushes to their side.

    The reckless misogyny and rape apologist behavior of James Bond will not stand – not on his watch!

    He calls himself Picklemeth. And if you girls ever need a shoulder to cry on, if you ever need someone to talk about how frustrated you are with your boyfriends, if you ever need a really solid “friend” (*who will be pining for you sexually and harbor deep feelings for you and masturbate to thoughts of you returning those feelings -which you never will- after you leave), Picklemeth is your guy. The friend who *could* be something more…right?



  • I dunno – I’m on the fence, as it’s not really selling for you. Maybe more with the “asshole” piece, less with the “rescuing the damsels” material? Food for throught. Though, you did handle the rage guy pretty well. Kudos for that.

  • The problem is: they weren’t fans. I agree with most all of their points, but you catch more flies with honey. This podcast hadn’t previously been a Huffington Post article, but it became one, and that’s a bit misleading for regular listeners, and you simply can’t blame them for their reaction.

    Some people have fragile tastes, and sometimes those escapes are the ONLY things they can enjoy in their shitty day at their shitty job. Some peoples’ enjoyment is easily tainted, and if they go into a podcast made by people who typically reinforce their tastes but instead wind up having to listen to people who hate it, they’re gonna be pissed. To expect less would be silly, and it would be elitist to say that only the content-makers get a say in what worked and what didn’t. And I’m pro-content-makers, for sure, and the way some people have expressed themselves here is stupid as hell, but sometimes I DO have to blame bad content choices regardless. Amateur nitpicky criticism is one of my least favorite modern trends. It’s horrible. But sometimes it’s… well… a lot more than a nitpick.

    At the very least, it would’ve been better if the observations were more matter-of-fact, and less pushy. Be a set of eyes, absorb it, don’t let your social complaints possess you, and you can actually express them more clearly in the end. Do you have the right to watch it however you want? Yes, but it’s not all about rights. The right to say whatever you want about anything you want, the right to watch stuff how you choose to watch it and so on… that’s what got us YouTube comment sections. No, as much as the move toward looseness in entertainment is probably a good thing, a little professionalism in production choices isn’t going to hurt you. It’s not unlike the whole Dork Fork thing that happened a while back; just because your network is all about positivity and the content is free doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to shit on an overwhelmingly put-off audience. Instead, call a production meeting. Fix some stuff. Or, yunno, if you really believe in it, don’t fix anything… but don’t complain about people on the internet complaining. You get to do your thing, and you have a big audience. Isn’t that enough?

    (The above advice doesn’t have so much to do with this ep, but could be listened to by many Nerdist network hosts. I’ve seen an above-average clustering of these incidents around here.)

    Now… this episode was simply a bad call because it didn’t sell anybody on anything. It was a book-burning. Any sexist idiots who heard it are still idiots. On the other hand, a fan review could have actually enlightened some people. Beyond an element of spectacle, it just wasn’t entertaining… and yunno, that’s not the end of the world. Quality control is still a thing. You’re getting ad dollars. And really, if I wanted to watch somebody do whatever they wanted without any accountability, I’d watch the rednecks across the street smoking on their porch all day.

    I love you with all my heart, boys.

  • I’m female. I’m gay. When I saw Goldfinger as a kid I wanted to be Bond and hug Pussy Galore. When I was a teenager I wanted to be Pussy Galore and do the flight squad. That kind of projection is common – kids with capes. Quoting Plinkett, “It’s not the character, it’s the idea of the character”. I won’t stoop to a personal attack on the guest hosts – everyone grows and discovers they didn’t know half as much as they once thought they did.

  • Yeah, after comments not only about the chauvinism, but about long opening title sequence and “janky” GPS, I had to call it quits on this episode. Don’t watch a movie from the sixties and be surprised that it is from the sixties. I get thinking the chauvinism is bad, because it is, but would they also rip on Citizen Kane for being black and white?

  • This is my favorite episode as of yet of a podcast I very much enjoy. Please try to have them back for another episode or ten. And thank you for doing the podcast.

  • At the risk of taking the side of some of the huge idiots in this thread…I really wish you stuck to people that like the Bond movies. ESPECIALLY for Goldfinger. I was looking forward to an in-depth discussion of the quintessential Bond movie, but it really got sidetracked. And it’s not like I disagree, but the podcast got so vitriolic that I couldn’t enjoy it. Was it an interesting discussion? Well, maybe at first. It got to the point of hyperbole and nothing was really being discussed, they were just jumping on every topic with the same approach.

  • I’m coming late to this comment party, but I’ll chip in my thoughts anyway. The episode was good for me, but think a little more structure could have improved it. Alie and Georgia seem to stymie any further conversation, which stopped interesting trivia from coming out. If Matt & Matt could have channeled them into a quick “Top 5 most insulting moments” or allowed a quick “what is wrong with this scene” then they could have moved on with other stuff.

    Still, I like the theory of bringing in newbies to the Bond franchise and if they hate the movie, then that’s fine. The episode can still be interesting. But maybe a bit of structure could carry the episodes through the awkward parts.

    Speaking of which, I would like to see a Tropes segment. Bond has his own tropes, so it would be fun to call them out. If not a segment, then just calling them out right before you say it.

  • I made it 45 minutes through before switching off. Such negative guests. Even valid points presented so negatively without humour became awful to listen too. Super obnoxious guests. Ah well – onwards and upwards!

  • So…yes, I was annoyed at first but now looking back on early Bond films, holy crap. Bond WAS such a psycho! It was like Mad Men without the examination and justification. lol

    Great job Allie and Georgia. I respect you. :) No, I’m not “White Knighting,” I was genuinely annoyed but then I dropped my entitlement issues and realized…dude, Bond was fucked in the head.

    Still love these films no matter what.

  • I really hope you go back and redo Goldfinger with a guest who likes the movie, and is as knowledgeable or at least as enthusiastic about the series as the Matts. Not attacking the guests for their opinion, it’s just that there’s so much to discuss about how this movie created the the tropes that would last for the next 45+ years and influenced not just all future Bond flicks but most action films in general, that this was really a wasted opportunity.

    Let’s put it this way – Matt Mira, if you sat down to listen to a Star Trek podcast, and the only thing the guest was interested in talking about was the sexism in “Turnabout Intruder” how much would you enjoy the episode?

  • I would recommend renaming this episode “Fun with Feminists” but that would demean the word “fun”. Has anyone bothered to explain to these women about the genre of fantasy ? Maybe they can look at some cheesy situational porn and get a clue.

  • In the cold open, Bond is attacked by a thug and kills him by pushing him in a bathtub, then tossing a radio in with him. Do you think this electrocution was an intentional foreshadowing of the way he would finally defeat Oddjob?

    (By the way, I’ve probably seen this movie 50 times, and I’d never made that connection until last month, when it was pointed out to me as I watched it with my 5-year-old.)

  • I hope Goldfinger gets a second pass, because that film does not deserve this episode of the show. If I wanted to listen to people shit on the things I love, I would hang out with my friends.

  • I’m waaaaay late for the hate-fest in this comment page. No loss.

    Matt(s), I really enjoyed this episode and your guests’ refreshing and funny take from their modern, non-fan perspective. It made a very nice contrast to the Casino Royale pod with Amanda and Maria.

    Matt Gourley: I love the characterized Brit accent. I grin every time I hear it!