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Episode 005: James Bonding
GOLDFINGER with Alie and…
James BondingJames Bonding

James Bonding #005: GOLDFINGER with Alie and Georgia

Alie and Georgia come on the podcast to talk about the controversy they found in Goldfinger!

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  1. Jimbo Bond says:

    Hey Dude and Bob:

    Did Allie and/or Georgia track you guys down, friend you on Facebook, and give you sex as a reward for defending their online honor? Cuz, boy lemme tell you – chicks love the white knight act.

    Clint, punks. Sack up.

  2. Picklemeth says:

    Fun fact: the number of rows of text in your pointless argument is directly proportionate to how hurt you are by the other party.

    In other news, can someone explain the concept of “white knighting”? Apparently, it’s a thing. It seems like empty attack words when someone defends something, but I’d like to know what I’m talking about before I shit my half-baked hypotheses into the angry, hateful mouths gathered before me.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’ll second that. I’d love to hear Matt and Matt take another shot at Goldfinger.

  4. Ben says:

    Hey, just wanted to say I love James Bonding and I’m enjoying every episode. I have a request, it’s probably stupid but I’m trying anyway. I just got done with the Goldfinger episode and I’m asking: Can we please get a do-over? I understand why you had the two feminists on the show because you wanted a fresh perspective on what’s probably the most sexist entry in the series, but I felt like they completely impeded you guys from analyzing the film like you have in all the other episodes. I love both of your takes on each film and since Goldfinger is one of my favorites I feel like so much content got passed over. At the end of the day it’s your show and I’ll keep listening to each episode regardless of whether or not you even read this. Keep up the awesome work.



  5. Bob says:

    I was erring on the side of “my pride was hurt and that’s why I thought it was necessary to attack these women by insinuating that the way they dress indicates any kind of support towards an offensive sexist stereotype.” The alternative reasoning behind that argument frankly doesn’t say a lot of nice things about you as a person, but I wanted to grant you the benefit of the doubt.

    It’s also nice that you can divorce “something as trivial as fashion from larger, more impactful issues of equality and humanism,” and that makes you an excellent judge as to whether or not other people can do the same thing? And that apparently do not have a sense of humor at all about it?

    Look, I don’t want to fight with you, or anyone here. I loved the episode, not only because I thought it was really funny (Barbara Broccoli as a Bond Girl had me laughing really hard), but because it had actual things to say in a current-day viewing of an old film that has some truly terrible sexist characters/events, and because it had more to say than just rehashing the plot, and because it’s worthwhile to get a perspective on a Bond film from people not familiar or even positive towards the Bond franchise. And most of all, because Alie and Georgia were funny and not the least bit apologetic about their views. James Bond IS an unrepentant, misognystic asshole – and it’s okay to make fun of him, the movies, and the people who love them both for that reason! Notice that Matt and Matt didn’t call them out on what they were wearing or say, “you’re being hypocritical!” They didn’t say, “hey, you have to love Bond to be on this show,” or get really defensive when two women started making fun of something they loved. They actually hoped that their fans would see the humor in poking holes in this plot, and these characters, and how frankly AWFUL it all appears today.

    I have to think they’re probably as disappointed as I am to scroll through a lot of these comments and find out they were wrong.

    • ericmci says:

      I never attacked anyone and if anyone is any kind of hurty it is you- Sir?
      I made a point that is considerable given the laser seriousness they brought to an otherwise light heated podcast about a movie that was Never meant to convey the absolute truth and justice of morality and sexual identity.
      Even typing that out seems silly
      It was the wrong message
      on the wrong podcast about the wrong thing.
      It was maybe the most redundant commentary in film.
      Early James Bond movies contained themes of sexism.
      No sh*t.
      Being insightful is in part knowing when what you want to say has Already been said and either contributing something new or knowing
      when to hold.
      I found these two guests to be able to do neither.
      As for comedy- that I suppose is subjective.
      But I am clearly not the only one with a well founded and substantiated opinion that their comments had heaping amounts of vitriol and straight up attack mode for anyone enjoying this film or any James Bond movie.
      They made it a crusade to scorch the earth.
      What about the fact that he has a license to kill?
      Where was the debate about gun control?
      Why not enter into that discussion?
      Why? Because it would be inappropriate and
      boorish to do so here.
      Also because James Bond is damn Fictional character.
      Remember that?

      And Who are you to speak for them?
      ” They actually hoped that their fans would see the humor in poking holes in this plot”
      How the hell do you know what they thought?
      This was the wrong fight in the wrong venue.

      And finally since you decided to extrapolate what a few comments I have made say about me as a person in a larger sense – allow me a go-

      They don’t know – they don’t care what you have to say- and they’re not going to be besties with you because you “get it”
      That’s not a lance that’s a sonic screwdriver from Toys -r-us- that’s not a horse it’s a moped
      Get back on it and go home.

  6. Bob says:

    There’s tons of comedy in that episode. Look, if you listened to that episode, and all you heard was two women who dress like subjugated 50’s housewives ranting then you’ve got some REAL WORLD issues here. Like, issues worth pointing out and highlighting when comparing 1950’s/1960’s era misogyny with today’s world. So, uhhhh, at least your wounded pride is topical?

    • ericmci says:

      Who said anything about pride?
      That makes zero sense.
      I think maybe it’s hypocritical to wear the virtual uniform of an era
      where women were practically forced to stay at home be pretty
      and have dinner ready b/c you like the fashion and then take a zero tolerance policy against a movie made in decades past in a very different time socially but Not be able in the least to see anything through the lens to find anything redeeming about the movie b/c the would somehow endorse misogyny??

      And for what it’s worth I love the betty paige- drive in red listick style.
      B/c I can divorce something as trivial as fashion from larger more impactful issues of equality and humanism.
      I also know what fuc*ing forum is appropriate to bring this issues up
      for debate and what places are just about entertainment and trust in understanding what everyone is here for.

  7. Bob says:

    Loved every bit of this episode. C’mon nerds, let’s get with the program. If you don’t like people shitting on Bond movies in a funny way, you might want to not listen for like HALF of the following podcast episodes. Especially Thunderball. And you’re just gonna have to deal with ladies shitting on Bond for being a misogynist. I know it’s hard, and you really really don’t want to hear it, but it’s better to have a good sense of humor about things that you enjoy that are clearly dated in awful, glaring ways than to act like something is wrong when someone pokes holes in something you love during a comedy podcast.

    • ericmci says:

      Did you listen to another podcast about Goldfinger where there was comedy?
      Do you have the link for that.
      B/c I didn’t hear a whole lot of comedy here in this episode.
      I did hear an ill prepared rant by two women who dress like subjugated 50’s housewives.
      If there had been comedy maybe 99% of the commentators here might have found more to enjoy.
      Comedy- hey – that would have been a good idea.

  8. Ainsley says:

    Are they both Lesbians or is it just Alison. In my day they would have got a good toe punt in the guts for that kind of spirited opinion spurting. but afterwards i would be all kind and get them to stop crying, and they would be all sweet and nice again. I am not made of stone and i would accept their apology for making me hurt them and then i would buy them something pretty.
    I really enjoyed this podcast, I really enjoyed Alie and Georgia. I disagree with them and think Bond is great, i totally agree with all the points they made. I can do both. I would like to hear their views on the modern take on Bond but also understand if they don’t want to. Nothing should be for everyone, that would be rubbish.

  9. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    *The fact that they both admit they disliked Bond was not a problem. The fact they insult the audience for enjoying Bond is why there is such a strong negative reaction. I laughed some, so thanks Matts. Look forward to future episodes.

  10. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    I have now listen this episode. I think I understand why people have such a strong reaction to this episode. The fact that they both admit they disliked Bond was a problem. The fact that five minutes in to it, they tell the audience whom most likely only enjoyed was because their father did (which is probably true) and that their father’s beat and locked their mom in the closet was not putting your best foot forward.
    I listened this episode and some good points were raised, but not as many or novel as the hosts may have believed.

  11. Ernst Stavro Blowme says:

    Look at those intellectual posers, Allie and Georgia, appropriating only the “cool” bits of retro culture, skimming the surface to create personas based 100% on the aesthetics of a cultural era that seems to deeply offend their so clearly superior feminist sensibilities. LOL – hypocrites. And no, I wouldn’t be this harsh if they hadn’t been. It’s bad enough you don’t have an original idea in your heads (your critiques were painfully tired and nothing we haven’t heard a million times from tween feminists before), but what’s worse is that you both present your appearance based on an era you have nothing but contempt for. But wait…I just thought of something…

    Is this some cooler-than-thou hipster statement about “embracing your chains” or something? Ahhhhh…now I get it. I’m in awe. You’re both sooooo “cool”.

    I cannot imagine being trapped in a room with these shrill children for even 10 minutes, let alone 2 hours. Terrible episode, but Matt and Matt certainly have my respect for getting through it. Goldfinger really deserved better.

  12. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    Today I hope to listen this very special episode of Bonding over Bond. I hope I laugh. I hope to have my own opinion, and I do find it fascinating that the Matts invited guests who do not like Bond. (Well I gathered that from the comments, since I have not listened to it yet) I don’t have people who hate Doctor Who on my Doctor Who podcast. I understand there are people like that exist, and that is totally cool. Not everyone needs to love the same thing, but I don’t have them on the show. Sounds counter productive. Well I will leave a follow up not that I think the Matts should change their show to what I think.

  13. Ezra says:

    I sent my Bond nerdist buddy to this podcast to check it out and of coarse he landed on episode 5 before I had listened to it. Hey, podcasts and commentaries aren’t for everyone but I was a little surprised at how much he HATED it. Having listened now I didn’t hate it but I had the first episodes to go on. I did think this episode could have been edited and overall it was about and 80 minutes too long.

  14. clint says:

    I don’t want to listen to people shit all over the movie. It’s not very fun.

  15. Edward Gundrum says:

    Love this podcast but this one was a bit chore to get through, especially when they went way off topic all the time and the hating (typically hipster practice) rather than pointing fun.

  16. Steve C. says:

    Please have more women on the show BUT pick someone who has a) seen some Bond movies and b) seen ANY movie made before 1980. Also someone who knows who to have a conversation.

    “Why were the credits so long?!” Really?

  17. JSpee says:

    Love the show! I too am looking forward to the Moore years.
    Please consider doing Goldfinger again w/o the harpies. Not much Goldfinger got discussed.

  18. The Dude says:

    I’m not even fussed by the fact that it’s two Women (if it was two guys constantly talking over the top of each other, I would have switched off just as quickly) – but by starting off their description by saying that their Feminism “died a little inside” from watching the film, and within a few minutes are characterizing the Belly Dancer in the intro “Tit Shaking”, and then 20 minutes later are criticizing a Female character’s clothing as making her look ugly don’t exactly scream “Female Solidarity” to me.

  19. Ainsley says:

    Me again, i had not read the previous comments before i left mine. I just did and i am a little surprised.
    This is the first time i have listened to James Bonding. I really enjoyed it and based on this episode, will definitely listen to all of them.
    I know that most will not be like this and will be fans of the movies talking about them. This was 4 very intellegent funny people having a good spirited conversation. I think hearing the opinion of new Bond fans to an old Bond film really interesting. Although love the bond films i can’t actually say their points are not correct. They were very funny and not 100% serious.
    Georgia’s coment about “swimming the whole way underwater” rather than wear the seagull made me laugh out loud ont he train this morning. I am trying to keep theior gender out of it but i did love hearing two intellegent funny modern women talking about the views and ways of the past. I knew all this anyway and it won’t change my enjoyment of Bond.
    I am off now to download the other episodes of JamesBonding and subscribe. Great episode, Mat and Mat were great and handled it perfectly.

  20. Ainsley says:

    I love Bond grew up with Bond and love them despite their shortfalls.
    This podcast was fantastic, A+G were hilarious. also spot on about what they were saying. Of course someone who has never seen a Bond before would be shocked by all this. As fans you sort of ignore these things and put them to the edge of your gaze and don’t think abou them, it’s how you can continue to love them. But every now and again you need to be reminded that the King is nude.
    Ward and Hardstark were the perfect foil to all this. Made for a fantastic Podcast. Loved it.

  21. d3 says:

    Hey, this is my first time listening to James Bonding and it won’t be my last.
    I really enjoy Matt from The Nerdist podcast and it seemed like a cool concept to go into deep discussions on the Bond films.
    Of course, I will also acknowledge that the two guests on this episode sucked the joy right out of this podcast.
    Yeah, I get all the sexism but really, by their own admission, these gals tuned out immediately on the film. It seemed their feminist agenda would not allow them to appreciate one molecule of the movie.
    And that’s ok, but it made for a fairly boring conversation. I wasn’t all that interested in hearing about their drinking habits.
    Matt and Matt, please try to book guests that don’t overload you with cynicism.
    I’ll give it another try just the same.

  22. Leroy Jenkins says:

    Oh my god, I love this podcast but never have these bitches on again. Was looking forward to Matt & Matt’s commentary on one of my favorite Bond movies instead I get two feminist idiots ruining the entire thing. Notice how they say “that’s how it was in those days” when Matt mentions the white folks who played asian and hispanic roles, but then go apeshit over every little “woman hating” thing. Sorry. That’ s how it was in those days 🙂

  23. Ryan says:

    I love the podcast but this was a tough one to listen to. I was hoping for more discussion of the film and less about how I’m a horrible person for watching Bond movies.

    Goldfinger is one of my favorite Bond movies– I’m disappointed that Matt and Matt almost certainly had a lot of interesting information to share about the production, and now we’ll never hear it.

    Also, saying the Barbara Broccoli is attractive is NOT the same as saying that Steven Spielberg has great balls. It’s the same as saying Jon Hamm is attractive, which happens all the time. Sheesh.

    Thanks for the podcast. Looking forward to Casino Royale.

  24. Materics says:

    Matt can’t even give a woman a compliment about her looks (Barbara Broccoli) without being shut down by a couple of feminists.

  25. alexwalker says:

    As a huge James Bond and a faithful follower of this podcast, I was extremely disappointed with this episode…. bad episode to choose to have two feminists on. Honestly these two girls have no business commentating on this film series…. it’s like they are looking through a constant filter of feminism, and looking at the world through any filter (whether it be race, sex, or religion) is a good way to keep yourself blinded.

    Matt and Matt should have stuck up for Bond!

    Looking forward to the next episode, Casino Royale!

  26. Ian Boothby says:

    It was a good experiment but a lot of Goldfinger got missed because of the overall discussion. Maybe have an extra episode when you’re done with all the films called The Podcast is Not Enough and go over the bits and bites you didn’t get a chance to cover.

  27. Talmidge says:

    this was a fun podcast but I do think that some of the people involved were looking for things to pick on and missed some subtle things:

    In that cold open the guy with the club and the girl were working together. I thought that’s what Bond meant by that last “Positively Shocking,” clearly looking at the girl on the ground.

    Bond absolutely did mourn Jill, he seems pretty broken up about it and in the next seen, the very next seen is all about M trying to convince him not to go and outright kill Goldfinger.

    I do kinda like how his plan is basically just be a dick to Goldfinger and then see what happens.

    I think these girls would have liked Thunderball a lot more.

    And no I never did make the connection with Gold and Goldfinger’s first name.

  28. Fields of Gould says:

    It’s not there isn’t a place for an episode discussing feminism and chauvinism in relation to James Bond movies. It’s just that Episode 5 (let alone the Goldfinger episode…which is one of my favorite movies) is hardly the place to do this.

    Were they to do an episode on that, I’d hope they’d have people who have more insight to offer than Ally and Georgia, who said, pretty much out the gate that they hated the film series and didn’t care about the movie they were watching. That translates to confirmation bias and lazy analysis. Even if they didn’t, basically, call out the audience multiple times in the episode (which they did), this made me not give them much weight from the outset.

    It’s like listening to a brand new NFL podcast that talks about the league and the games and this week’s episode is a mom who hates football because of the concussions it causes and she thinks it is dangerous. It’s not that she doesn’t have a point, though it’s kind of a ‘duh’ point. It’s not that she’s not doing it honestly. It’s that that kind of guest is a real buzzkill, that particular show isn’t the best forum for that and, frankly, I’m not hearing anything I don’t already know.

    People running into people full speed and head first is going to cause a concussion. James Bond is a chauvinist and the films reflect a mentality of an era.

    Those who enjoyed that episode are welcome to it, but on that podcast and on this message board, I see more heat than light.

    Thanks for the free show. Hope the next one is nothing like this one.

  29. Damien says:

    Forgot something:
    Even though I liked the episode I feel like most of it was spent discussing Bond as a whole, not so much the movie. Perhaps when we get to the end of the list we can get a true discussion about Goldfinger.

  30. Damien says:

    When I saw the comments for this episode i debated just skipping it and waiting till next week. However, having decided to listen to it I did not seem to hate it nearly as much as everyone else. Usually feminism talk in a podcast I’m using to try and ignore real life is annoying. But even with the bashing that the ladies did I still greatly enjoyed the episode. I would even be interested to hear there opinion on some of the more modern movies. Great work all the way around guys, can’t wait for next weeks episode.

  31. Wendy says:

    Wow, such negativity in these here comments…Here I go…kidding but not really:
    First off I thought this was a good episode in terms of having different viewpoints and having your guests hate the movie. Love or hate or indifferent, having guests are what makes this podcast great and interesting. The guests were putt off from the very first scene of the movie and that’s completely understandable. The sexism in this film and the amount of it was outrageous. But I agree that the constant harking back to and complaining was a bit too much. Yeah, talk about how a scene was sexist, outrageous or exploitive, but be able to move on…until the next sexist, misogynist thing. I just think they just kept ragging on certain scenes TOO much. There were plenty of opportunities in the film to express outrage or disbelief. I agreed with them alot but they couldn’t pick their battles or make them funny or have something to say, not just point out the obvious.

    But my ultimate complaint is the Matt Mira’s thought process in this episode: Umm, haven’t you been listening the conversation? After all the sexism talk, you bring up the fact that whole thing about how Barbara Broccoli is “hot…super attractive”? How did you really think that would go over with A & G? (women who haven’t listened to this podcast before or hear you gush?).

    ALSO, Yes! you wouldn’t be offended if a woman said she liked an actor or was impressed by a man because he had a great pair of balls. You haven’t been objectified or judged because of your gender, or inundated with sexism and sexist media or the pervasive nature of
    such misogyny in our culture.

    It all came together near the end folks. The fact that nobody seems to have caught that is quite funny…sad and funny…

  32. Terry says:

    Everybodys so mad, mad, mad, mad. I don’t care if these women didn’t like the movie… and their opinions don’t make them terrible people. It’s Bond, it is nothing to get upset about. Love the show Matts please keep em coming.

  33. Josh says:

    I liked this episode even if it was a little nit picky. I do hope you get someone who really loves Bond for Thunderball.

  34. Sharon says:

    I am a devout fan of the podcast, a devout fan of Matt & Matt, a fan of Bond, and a fan of women’s issues bcz hey I am one. I liked that all of these things were combined in this episode. I liked being made to think about the movie as it exists in the world, and I liked that it got real, AND i liked that it still made me laugh til I cried in a lot of places. Matt & Matt were able to take it all on board in a classy way, and I am glad that we can have episodes like this. Thanks guys!

  35. The Dude says:

    @ St. M – If they had a point, I switched off long before they got to it (and I still gave it at least a half hour).

    By that point, the podcast had been hijacked by Alie & Georgia, and had gone so far off topic that it was actually just irritating to listen to, so I switched over to the Nerdist Tenacious D podcast which I’d gotten at the same time.

    I may (at some point) go back and listen to the rest of this one, but unless there was a drastic tonal shift during the last 2/3, I’m pretty sure I’m not likely to change my mind on it…

  36. St. M says:

    I loved this episode. It was great to hear the perspective of thoughtful, critically astute women who brought fresh, contemporary eyes to the film. A&G did a marvelous job going a little deeper into the misogyny that permeates the Bond series while also making me laugh.

    Their explication of how making Pussy Galore a lesbian isn’t empowering but rather dis-empowering was a revelation (sounds like it M&M had their minds blown a bit too). Also loved the bit where they neatly showed how Mad Men handles the “hey, it was OK at the time” treatment of women by showing the consequences of those entrenched cultural attitudes. Marvelous.

    It’s not surprising to me that some posters here are peeved that A&G made such a strong case, after all it can be disconcerting to have assumptions/expectations questioned. What’s surprising to me though is that there has been barely any attempt to address their actual points. What’s been said boils down to name-calling and slags against the idea of women even speaking. Eeesh.

  37. Oddjob says:

    Love the podcast, and will continue to listen. Having said that, maybe from now on we can stick with people who actually “get” Bond. Yeah, James Bond is misogynist, and yeah, we can point that out in the context of breaking down the whole movie. But to basically center the whole episode around that fact? I don’t think that’s what this podcast was intended to do (if I’m wrong, feel free to ignore me). It would be awesome if we could get a recut of this episode with just you guys going through the movie, because it’s one of the all-time great Bond films, and it deserves proper treatment.

  38. Enrique Danger says:

    This is my favorite podcast on the site, but this episode is just terrible. Why have 2 women that hate the movies come on? But I guess they did a good job……for a couple of brauds.

  39. Turner says:

    Completely agree with others sentiment that this was a terrible episode. Had to turn it off after 30 minutes, and yes that is completely enough time to get a understand which direction this was podcast was heading.

    Both Matts could barely keep the show on track without the other two using very simplistic, juvenile, and illogical arguments for a movie that was made in the 1960’s.

    I love the show and will continue to listen next week in hopes there are genuine intelligent individuals that realize this is a Bond ‘movie’ review podcast.

  40. DubipR says:

    I’ll be back for the next podcast, as I’m a big Bond fan. I have to admit this one was a major chore getting through this one. While Goldfinger is universally acclaimed, it’s my least favorite. Let’s keep these podcast positive or at least have guests on that have an inkling about the world of Bond or at least seen a film or 5.

    I like Alie and Georgia, but they weren’t the ideal guests for this podcast. For two ladies that dress retro and create drinks that are retro, they’re not the thinking retro or actually know anything of the era.

    This was a bitter audio martini to take in.

    Until Casino Royale….



  41. Dude says:

    I find it interesting that most of the negative responses have been from people who admitted to not listening to the whole thing and, therefore, can’t speak to the actual content for most of the show.

    And I think Jimbo’s remarks encapsulate the inarticulate way in which some people choose to rage against a topic they don’t agree with, without providing any support for their argument. Using loaded terms like “east coast liberal arts college” and “naive, angry little hipster girls” are simply ways for a person who can’t support their opinion with actual facts or coherent points tries to ‘win’ by degrading the other person.

    And how nice, that a person who seems to think that they have a monopoly on how “the real world” works also seems to believe that the situation could have been fixed if Matt or Matt “knew what do to with” vaginas. It is not difficult to imagine why someone who believes that would be offended by women who did not agree with his opinion. And the invocation of Eastwood some kind of a sage adds to the picture.

    He was right, however, that Matt and Matt don’t need to apologize for their show. They clearly made a choice during the taping that the guests had interesting insight and chose not to steamroll them by insisting that it was OK to portray those things because it happened decades ago. No apology necessary.

    There was one good takeaway from “Jimbo’s” comment. I’m going to start using the phrase “power vaginas” in my daily life now. So, thanks.

  42. Jimbo Bond says:

    This episode of the podcast encapsulates exactly the phenomenon Clint Eastwood refers so as the “pussification of the American male”. Those naive, angry little hipster girls steamrolled Matt and Matt using nothing more than second-year, east coast liberal arts college crap that doesn’t float in the real world, and the power vaginas have around younger males not well-versed enough in what to do with them. Sad.

    I cringed through maybe 15 minutes before I had to turn off. Matt and Matt: Watch some Letterman highlights to learn a host handles difficult guests. It’s your show. You made it because you like Bond flicks. Don’t apologize for that to anyone.

  43. Scott says:

    After rolling home at 1am and needing to unwind, I fire up this episode anticipating much goodness because, come on, Goldfinger. If only I had known beforehand about what was about to occur. Pointing out anachronisms is one thing, but going into full-on attack mode is another. It was like listening to an entire week of the relentless outrage of condensed into one hour of undiluted vitriol aimed at Bond. For the rest of the series I cannot imagine any future guests approaching this level of being so aggressively unlikable.

  44. Joe says:

    Nerdist comment sections always seem to turn into FoxNews for nerds. Everyone pats each other on the back for having the same dork opinion and attacks others who don’t agree.
    I really enjoyed them on the podcast. It did feel like Matt had trouble maintaining control and staying focused on his notes/movie. It did get sidetracked more than usual.

  45. Melanie says:

    As a woman, I found the “outraged for the sake of being outraged/naive/judgmental/clueless” bit they were doing MUCH more offensive than anything happening in the Bond movies… Definitely love these podcasts though – keep up the Bonding!

  46. Gibs says:

    1) I enjoyed the non-pandering aspect of this episode. Having 2 unabashed fans and 2 people who could not be less into it was a nice contrast. (But I have enjoyed the other episodes too.)

    2) Crap yeah, vodka/cranberry.

    Thanks Matt and Matt!