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Jack Hunts Cross in a New Clip From Tonight’s 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY

Jack Hunts Cross in a New Clip From Tonight’s 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY

With just three episodes left to go in Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, things appear to be getting crazy. To be fair, things are always a bit crazy when it comes to the world of Jack Bauer, but the last three weeks in particular have been off the charts insane. Not only did we get thrown for a loop with the fake drone assassination of James Heller, but Jack literally chucked Margot Al-Harazi (aka Michelle Fairley aka Catelyn Stark) out a f*****g window. A window!

It was so classic Bauer that we wanted to jump out of our seat before she hit the pavement. Now, with the end closing in, the network has released an all new clip from tonight’s episode:

When last we left Bauer, he was busy chasing C.I.A. leader Steve Navarro, who’s currently in possession of Margot’s override device. Based on the clip, it seems the device has made it into the hands of recently turned bad guy, Adrian Cross. The promo of the episode promises the device will come into play in a very dramatic way that seems to involve a nuclear sub, because this is 24 and nuclear subs can totally be taken over by a thing that looks like it came out of a Radio Shack trash pile.

We joke, but this season of 24 has been fantastic, and we can’t wait to watch how it plays out in the final three hours of the year.

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