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It’s Time For reddit’s Arbitrary Day 2012

Arbitrary Day is upon us.  Do you like exchanging things with strangers on the internet? Let me rephrase that.   Would you be interested in a “Secret Santa like” holiday smack in the middle of the summer?  Instead of exchanging gifts with annoying people in your office you can exchange them with the awesome folks over on reddit.  Last year over 7,000 people in 71 countries participated, and sent more than $250,000 in gifts to each other.  Even Jimmy Fallon got involved, and gave one of the best gifts.  He had The Roots (one of my favorite groups) serenade a redditor as their gift.  You can sign up over at reddit, and, who knows, maybe we will get each other!  I like shiny things.  

Signup ends June 25th.