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COPS: SkyrimCOPS: Skyrim

It’s the COPS: SKYRIM Season 5 Premiere!

Ah, COPS: Skyrim, how we’ve missed you and your unique brand of medieval justice. Officer Jenkins and the gang are back for another season filled with ill-advised law enforcement tactics, Skooma-fueled antics, and more senseless murders than you can shake a Wabbajack at.

In the season 5 premiere, we get a taste of how parking space disputes are settled in Skyrim, learn about herbalism’s answer to natural male enhancement, see how the guards handle crowd control (read: total massacre), and much more. As Officer Jenkins says, “We’re into some sick shit here.” So, bask in the glory of the new site and enjoy your burritovahkiin with the season premiere of COPS: Skyrim.

What’s your favorite COPS: Skyrim moment? Let us know in the comments below.


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